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Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Season 2

Netflix has canceled its TV adaptation of Capcom's Resident Evil after its first season, here's why.
Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Season 2

A piece of news that perhaps everyone expected has finally arrived. Netflix has officially canceled its Resident Evil TV series after its first season. It means that despite the cliffhanger of an ending, fans shouldn't expect a Resident Evil Season 2.

Despite a strong start, Netflix's live-action adaptation of Capcom's critically acclaimed survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, quickly fell down the radar, thanks to an unsurprisingly vocal mixed reaction from veteran RE fans and the lingering success of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

Don't expect Resident Evil Season 2

resident evil tv series canceled
Netflix has reportedly canceled its Resident Evil TV series. (Picture: EW/Netflix)

The impending news comes from Deadline. Netflix is known to cancel its shows rather quickly, and the overwhelming amount of backlash for Resident Evil Season 1 from hardcore RE fans made it pretty clear that this show was next in the line.

For those unaware, Netflix's Resident Evil Season 1 was cannon to the video game franchise, and it put an interesting twist on the fate of one of the most notable characters in the series.

However, despite its numerous callbacks to Capcom's game series, silly humor, and over-the-top action that was not quite in sync with the games, Netflix's adaptation failed to truly resonate with RE fans.

Resident Evi's showrunner Andrew Dabb seemed rather optimistic about Season 2, who revealed in an interview with Screenrant his desire to bring Lady Dimitrescue and other RE game characters to the show's subsequent seasons.

Major Spoilers for Resident Evil Season 1

resident evil canceled
Despite the cliffhanger ending of Season 1, there won't be a Season 2 of Resident Evil. (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix canceling Resident Evil will perhaps hit Ada Wong fans the most. The charismatic rogue agent was 100% confirmed to appear in Resident Evil Season 2, and now it all seems like a distant dream.

It isn't the first time Wong was cut from a Resident Evil game/series. The Resident Evil Village artbook that was part of the game's collector's edition confirmed that Ada Wong had a role in Resident Evil Village. It seems Capcom had decided to scrap her out of Resident Evil Village at the very last moment since there were segments in the game that suggested otherwise.

While Wong can still appear in the next Resident Evil game, today's news confirms that won't definitely be coming to Netflix's Resident Evil Season 2!

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.