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Strongest Characters In My Hero Academia Post Season 6

These are the strongest characters in My Hero Academia after Season 6!
Strongest Characters In My Hero Academia Post Season 6
My Hero Academia has concluded its sixth season. (Picture: Toho Animation)

Season 6 of My Hero Academia has drawn to a close, leaving fans in awe with its thrilling fight scenes and unexpected revelations. Deemed one of the best seasons yet, it has ignited discussions regarding the in-world ranking of the series' strongest heroes.

However, this ranking overlooks U.A. students and villains. So, with Season 6 now behind us, where do each of the My Hero Academia characters land in the overall power ranking? That's where this article steps in, offering a post-Season 6 power ranking of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia!

Strongest My Hero Academia Characters After Season 6

Several shocking revelations occurred in this sixth season. (Picture: Toho Animation)

The following characters are placed on this list because of the power of their Quirk and their future potential. A lot of powerful characters were revealed in My Hero Academia Season 6, while older characters stepped up and stood in the spotlight.

These are some of the strongest heroes and formidable foes in the series. 

Midoriya Izuku (Deku)

Deku was always going to place somewhere on this list. Not only does he have the same power as the previous number one hero, All Might, but he manages to delay an enraged Shigaraki for long enough to prevent disaster. Deku is still a student, and while he likely couldn't stand up to some of the top-ranking heroes in his current state, there is no doubt he will rise to become the number one hero in the future.


The reveal that Dabi was Endeavor's long-lost son was both a surprise and a "how did I not see that coming" moment. Dabi has stood on the sidelines throughout most of the MHA series, but now that he has revealed his secret identity, he has also revealed just how powerful his Blue Flame Quirk can be. 

Dabi was revealed to be Endeavor's long-lost son. (Picture: Toho Animation)

Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki is Deku's nemesis and has been for the longest time. Shigaraki has now finished powering up and is ready to destroy everything he touches - literally. Shigaraki, backed by the power of All For One, is a deadly threat and one the rest of the heroes will need to prepare for in the future. 


Endeavor is still rated as the number-one hero. It is only natural that he takes a place on this list. Endeavor has a lot to prove, as he only became the number-one hero because All Might was forced to retire. That being said, he has stepped up time and again and proven that he is, in fact, a force to be reckoned with. 

And these are the strongest characters in My Hero Academia after Season 6.