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Who is Agent Mobius and the TVA in Marvel's Loki?

Following the latest trailer for Marvel's Loki, you might be wondering who Agent Mobius is, and what the Time Variance Authority (TVA) is all about.
Who is Agent Mobius and the TVA in Marvel's Loki?

During the MTV Movie and TV Awards, a new clip for Marvel's Loki appeared, entitled "Introducing Agent Mobius" and long-time comic book fans might have felt the nerd chills at this point. If you didn't feel any chills of excitement, then you probably need to know who Agent Mobius is, and what exactly the Time Variance Authority (TVA) is all about. Well, we've got you covered, explaining why you should get excited for Marvel's Loki, which starts on Disney+ on 9th June 2021.

Who is Mobius in Marvel's Loki?

Agent Mobius, also known as Mobius M (nickname Moby), is a middle-management bureaucrat in the Time Variance Authority (more on that later). The character first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol 1 issue #353 all the way back in June 1991, not-so-coincidentally the same month in which Marvel's Loki is set to release 30 years later...

While it is still unconfirmed if we will see some of Agent Mobius' co-workers, Mr Tesseract, who is named after the vessel for the Space Stone in the MCU, which Loki stole. Therefore, it would make sense to see him with Mr Tesseract at some point as well.

who is agent mobius m moby time variance authority tva marvel's loki MCU(Picture: Marvel Studios)

Agent Mobius, just like other cloned managers of the Time Variance Authority. Mobius M resembles Marvel Comics' late editor, the legendary Mark Gruenwald.

Marvel introduced Agent Mobius (portrayed by Owen Wilson) in the latest Loki clip which you can view below. Owen Wilson is simply a perfect fit to resemble Mark Gruenwald.

Already, we can see the banter between Loki (portrayed by Tom Hiddleston) and Agent Mobius, is going to be fantastic.

From all the TVA agents, good old Moby has appeared the most in Marvel comics.


What is the TVA in Marvel's Loki

To get a better understanding of who Mobius is in Marvel's Loki, you need to understand what the Time Variance Authority is, and how this organization ties into the upcoming Disney+ show.

The TVA in the Marvel comics, and the Loki series, is essentially "time police" in the MCU. They monitor the multiverse and can even delete timelines that they deem are too dangerous to exist. Further, they can and will take action against those who try to alter the future by changing the past.

who is agent mobius m moby time variance authority tva marvel's loki MCUInside the TVA (Picture: Marvel)

Every agent in the TVA, including Mobius, is a clone. They do sometimes hire mercenaries, or make use of the law firm in which She-Hulk works. Their low-level agents are faceless beings. 

The organization was created by the Time Keepers to protect the timeline, and if you are wondering how the God of Mischief, Loki, plays into all of this, then think back to the scene in Avengers: Endgame an alternate version of Loki created a new timeline, escaping the clutches of his captors.

In Marvel's Loki clip introducing Agent Mobius, Loki explains: "You were created by the Time Keepers to protect the sacred timeline."

The introduction of the TVA and Agent Mobius could see far-reaching ramifications in the MCU, and Marvel's Loki will very likely not be the last time we see the organization.

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