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UFC 5 Update Nerfs Strike Distance, More Gameplay Changes (November 9)

The first major UFC 5 update has arrived and core gameplay changes are already being made.
UFC 5 Update Nerfs Strike Distance, More Gameplay Changes (November 9)
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After going live worldwide just weeks ago, the first UFC 5 update is already bringing some significant gameplay changes. For players who have already adjusted to the system after playing UFC 4 in the past, some of those changes you latched onto might be going away.

Of course, if you still haven't jumped in, this UFC 5 update might bring enough bug fixes and small tweaks to signify the time is right. Here, we'll break down all the gameplay changes coming in the UFC 5 update today.

November UFC 5 update brings gameplay changes for stamina, multiple strikes

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While a good chunk of the systems remained similar, UFC 5 gameplay ultimately made several key changes this year. The new Submission System and Real Impact majorly alter how some aspects of the game feel, something we broke down in more detail in our UFC 5 review. However, some of that is already changing.

EA Sports has confirmed patch notes for the first UFC 5 update since launch. While some of these aimed to address bugs that allowed moves to operate in ways they weren't intended, much of this will actually nerf or buff everything from stamina drain to strike range.

Being a strike machine from Stand-Up will get more challenging, especially if your Cardio ratings aren't up to snuff, because the long term stamina cost of those strikes has been increased. If you tend to lean towards jabs, straights, lead hooks, or rear hooks, every single one of these has had their range nerfed from a standing (not sprinting) position.

We've got more details here including the full UFC 5 patch notes for this update and every single gameplay change that's happened since launch. No details are known yet about download size, so this may be another backend update that deploys in-game without a separate download being required.