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UFC 5 Patch Notes, Every Gameplay Update (November 9)

Check out all the latest UFC 5 patch notes so you can know every single gameplay change from each update.
UFC 5 Patch Notes, Every Gameplay Update (November 9)
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Does every fight feel different after the latest UFC 5 update? There might be a reason for that, and the UFC 5 patch notes hold plenty of answers about how gameplay has changed since launch. Before you jump back into the game, check out all the latest UFC 5 patch notes to determine exactly what got nerfed and which maneuvers could get even stronger moving forward. We'll also keep track of any news from EA Sports about future updates.

Updated November 10, 2023: New patch notes revealed by EA for the first UFC 5 update of the year include several gameplay changes. We've got more here on what got nerfed. 

Latest UFC 5 Update News

Keep yourself informed and up to date on all the latest news as each UFC 5 update changes the game throughout this year. Frequency of these can vary, but EA Sports does have a tendency to drop at least one title update per month for most of their titles.

November 9, 2023 - First UFC 5 Update Revealed

The first major UFC 5 update has arrived and is making several key gameplay tweaks. We've got full patch notes below and more details here on what exactly got nerfed.

November 6, 2023 - UFC 5 gets post-launch hotfix

While not a full update, EA Sports UFC did announce that UFC 5 is getting a few quick stability fixes ahead of their proper first title update. You can find the few patch notes for this UFC 5 hotfix below.

October 28, 2023 - EA Sports promises new fighters in future updates

Responding to criticism of the UFC 5 roster around launch, EA Sports has given a Community Update outlining when new fighters are coming to the game. We've got more here on who is set to be added.

That wraps up all the latest news. You can also follow EA Sports UFC on Twitter, as they usually announce any new changes there first.

UFC 5 Patch Notes (November 9 Update)

UFC 5 Patch Notes

The first major UFC 5 update of the year is bringing tons of gameplay changes to the title. Key aspects like strike distance and stamina drain have been nerfed, and each tweak could be felt the second you load up the game.

Here are the official UFC 5 patch notes for the November 9 update:

  • Increased the long term stamina cost of strikes in the stand-up.
  • Fixed an issue that applied too much vulnerability on the return from side sways. 
    • There will now be a lot less vulnerability, even significantly less than in UFC 4, which was our intent along with the sway buffs at launch.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the different types of jabs and straights. 
    • The regular version/skin had received some nerfs at launch, but these hadn’t been applied to the alternate versions. All versions now have the proper nerfs.
  • Removed the stamina drain applied to the submissive fighter in the headlock (standing guillotine) clinch position. 
    • The dominant fighter still has their stamina drained. This is likely to encourage the strategy of starting the guillotine submission right away, unless you’re close enough to the cage to quickly walk up to it, as starting the submission by reaching the cage results in a slightly stronger entry.
  • Decreased how frequently the AI spins and uses spinning strikes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lead hook to rear leg kick combo to be too slow. The combo should now have a reasonable speed.
  • Reduced the range of Major Lunging Punches.
    • All four of these major lunging punches now have less range: jab, straight, lead hook, and rear hook. These used to have the same range as when you perform them sprinting. But from a major lunge, such range looked exaggerated and made the moves look way too fast. They should now behave in a much more authentic manner. The sprinting version of these strikes was not nerfed.
  • Prevented the flying knee from the submissive fighter in kick catches to be used when the attacker is throwing certain strikes. 
    • It was possible to throw the flying knee in situations that didn’t make sense, which led to some janky and unfair interactions. The submissive fighter can no longer throw a flying knee when it doesn’t make sense, most notably when the dominant fighter is kicking and already letting go of the submissive’s leg.

That wraps up all the core changes in this initial main update, but more is sure to be on the way in the coming weeks. If you feel like the changes have caused more harm than good, you can always head to the EA Answers forum for UFC 5 and let the developers know.

Old UFC 5 Update Patch Notes

UFC 5 Hotfix Patch Notes - November 6, 2023

Rather than a longer set of patch notes being confirmed, this small UFC 5 update was only announced on Twitter and included these patch notes:

  • Main Menu - Sometimes title hangs in Main Menu
  • XB Only - Rare MCR online crash
  • Fix for a rare instance of Pre-Order/Alter Ego fighters being locked for users

That's everything you need to know about all the UFC 5 patch notes revealed this year. As the team at EA Sports continue to make changes in coming months, we'll keep track of all the updates here.