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All Known Undisputed Early Access Bugs & Issues

Learn about all the known issues and bugs currently being worked on for Undisputed during its Early Access phase on Steam.
All Known Undisputed Early Access Bugs & Issues

The exciting new boxing game, Undisputed, launched into Early Access on Steam on 31 January 2023. Developed by Steel City Interactive, the game has seen a lot of traction as boxing fans has helped Undisputed reach the top-selling chart of Steam since launch. There are, however, some Undisputed bugs and known issues the developers are working on fixing.

Following a few beta tests, Undisputed's Early Access launch has been relatively smooth, and it is important to note that there will be some things to fix during the game's Early Access phase. For those who are running into some trouble, we've got a complete list of current, known issues and bugs for Undisputed in this article.

Known Bugs & Issues in Undisputed (PC Early Access)

Undisputed early access pc bug fixes known issues
Take a seat while some Undisputed bugs and issues get fixed. (Picture: Steel City Interactive)

Again, bugs and issues are expected for an Early Access launch, and the developer has done a great job so far. Steel City Interactive has also been very transparent about any issues that Undisputed players are currently experiencing.

The developer event created a Trello board listing the known issues and bugs in its Early Access state and content/update roadmap for Undisputed in 2023, leaving nothing to question from boxing fans across the globe.

It is important to note that the developers are aware of these issues, and they are being investigated. There's also a "Fixed in next update" section on the Trello board, which will be populated with fixes in due time.

Below, you can check out the list of known issues and bugs in Undisputed. This list will be consistently updated, so you always know exactly what's going on in Steel City Interactive's boxing game.

  • Unable to Connect Online - We believe this issue is caused by your computer’s clock not being properly synchronised. Please check your date and time settings on your PC and ensure time is synced.
  • Disabled Online Features - Some gameplay features that are available in offline play are not yet available in online play: clinch, fouls, and stance switching.
  • Players sometimes get stuck at 3 seconds during the match join countdown timer within online lobbies.
  • In the side select menu, switching to the AI vs AI fight then back to a Player fight causes the second controller to be missing within side select.
  • In game pause menu UI faintly remains within the settings menu.
  • Sometimes the second controller isn't detected in the side select menu after completing a fight.
  • Fighter models sometimes fail to load in the Fighter Select menu if you return to Fighter Select during midway through a match.
  • The game may incorrectly apply the wrong resolution when you launch it for the first time.
  • Player's post-fight reward screen may incorrectly display their level as between 0 and 1 if an opponent quits mid game online.
  • The game applies a loss to a players record when an opponent disconnects online. (FIXED)
  • Boxers hair appears to bright in certain venues on lower graphics. (FIXED)
  • Game displays Xbox UI regardless of which control the player is using.
  • Save by the Bell rule can cause the game to enter infinite load screen.
  • Disconnections in onine play causes surrender issues
  • In rare occasions Players may match with fighters from other weightclasses
  • Save by the Bell rule can cause the game to enter infinite load screen 

So there you have it, all the current, known issues for Undisputed in Early Access. We will endeavor to update this article on a weekly basis. If you are not aware of this new boxing game, then check out the official Early Access launch trailer below.