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Undisputed Content Roadmap 2023: New Fighters, Career Mode, Moves & More

Learn about all the new content coming to Undisputed in 2023 for boxing game fans to enjoy, from new fighters to modes and much more.
Undisputed Content Roadmap 2023: New Fighters, Career Mode, Moves & More

Formerly known as eSports Boxing Club, Undisputed has finally entered Early Access on Steam. The game, which allows boxing fans across the globe to practice the art of pugilism in style, has been one of our most highly anticipated sports game releases for the past few years. Now, Sheffield-based game development studio, Steel City Interactive, has revealed the Undisputed content roadmap for 2023.

Early Access is clearly just the start of Undisputed's journey, as the content roadmap for 2023, while the game is in its Early Access phase, teases a tonne of new content, from a Career Mode to new fighters, venues, and even punches!

Undisputed Content Roadmap 2023 Detailed

undisputed 2023 early access content updates roadmap new moves fighters career mode venues
Become Undisputed in the new Career Mode coming in 2023. (Picture: Steel City Interactive)

First and foremost, there is no exact release date for the content in the Undisputed 2023 development roadmap since the game only released into Steam Early Access for PC on 31 January 2023. We will endeavor to update this article once release dates/times become avaialble. 

With that in mind, the developers did reveal a content and updates roadmap planned for Early Access in 2023, which you can view below.

undisputed 2023 early access content updates roadmap new moves fighters career mode venues
Planned content and updates for Undisputed in 2023 during its Early Access phase on Steam. (Picture: Steel City Interactive)

In case the image isn't clear, you can check out all the content details for Undisputed in 2023 below.

  • New Fighters and Venues: More fighters will join our Early Access roster of more than 50 boxers, including additions to our Women's Division. Climb the ranks in several stunning new venues.
  • Fighter Select Character Customization: Head into the ring with a variety of gear, choosing your own unique style to fit your fighter.
  • Gameplay Balancing: Ongoing balancing of core gameplay to ensure competitive fairness and maximize fun and authenticity.
  • Accessibility Functionality: Accessibility features to ensure Undisputed is as inclusive an experience as possible. 
  • Character Creator and Sharing: Create your boxer, complete with stats, and share your creations with the community.
  • Career Mode: Climb the ranks to the top in our single-player Career Mode and become Undisputed.
  • Custom Taunts and New Punch/Move Sets: More punch and move sets to make sure you can fight how you choose. Select specific taunts before your fight to get a rise out of your opponent.

This year a very exciting time for boxing fans since there hasn't been a solid boxing game since Electronic Arts' Fight Night Champion was released in 2011. Undisputed is set to take the gaming world by storm, and 2023's content roadmap looks absolutely fantastic.

We will endeavor to update this article if more details on the Undisputed content updates become available. While you wait, check out the Early Access launch trailer for Undisputed below, and start throwing some punches.