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V Rising Servers Down: When Will Maintenance End?

Looking for the latest news and updates on the V Rising server status? Say no more—we've got you covered!
V Rising Servers Down: When Will Maintenance End?
Stunlock Studios

Having trouble connecting to the V Rising servers? You're not alone! The developers are rolling out the release update following a lengthy 2-years in Early Access. Better still, the game is finally making its way to PlayStation 5. This guide will detail all the information you need to know about the V Rising server status, including the expected end time of the downtime.

V Rising Servers Downtime: Maintenance End Time

The V Rising official servers will experience downtime on 6 May 2024 from 12 PM UTC | 8 AM ET | 5 AM PT to make way for the v1.0 update. This pre-release maintenance period will continue until 8 May 2024, presumably at the same time. Importantly, player-run servers will not be affected by this outage.

V Rising servers will be restored in about
4 days, 04:05:02

in a statement on Steam, the developers noted that "players will have to play on a new save if they want to experience the content of the new patch. If you wish to play on your old save with the old patch, there will be a Steam branch publicly available to run your server and preserve your progress, however, be advised that this save will not include any updates that come with our first major content patch."

How To Check V Rising Server Status

To check the V Rising server status, you have several reliable sources at your disposal to ensure you're up to date with the latest server conditions.
  1. V Rising's Official X Account: The developers frequently update their X account with the latest news and server status updates. They post about maintenance, upcoming updates, fixes, and other relevant information.
  2. V Rising Discord Server: The V Rising Discord server hosts a channel specifically for server status updates. This is a great place to get interactive updates and engage with the community and developers.
  3. Server List Websites: You can use server list websites like BattleMetrics to check the status of individual servers. These websites let you filter servers by various criteria, including server status.
And that's all! If you encounter any issues, checking these sources should help you stay in the know and get back to playing V Rising as soon as possible.