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V Rising Rift Incursions: Locations & Rewards

Want to know how to complete Rift Incursions in V Rising? Find everything you need to know right here!
V Rising Rift Incursions: Locations & Rewards
Stunlock Studios

Want to know more about Rift Incursions in V Rising 1.0? You're in the right spot! These new replayable PvE events are the latest addition to the game, paving the way to unprecedented power. But what are they exactly? And, more importantly, where do these events occur?

This guide will detail everything about Rift Incursions, including their locations and rewards. Having actually spent an extensive number of hours playing V Rising, you can be sure that this information is verifiably accurate (unlike some other sites). Let's get into the thick of it!

What Are Rift Incursions In V Rising?

Rift Incursions are PvE world events in V Rising. The main goal is to close the rifts by destroying red crystals that pop up in the event area. Once you've found an Incursion, follow the dark streaks in the region—they will point you toward the crystals. Then, defeat the waves of enemies that guard them.

The final crystal will be defended by a shadow of a V Blood Carrier. By defeating it, the crystal will shatter and drop rewards. To note, Rift Incursions in V Rising have varying difficulty levels, with Tier 1 events requiring a Gear Score 57+ and Tier 2 events necessitating a Gear Score 80+ (check my V Rising progression guide to help you level up faster!).

rift incursions v rising

Where Do Rift Incursions Occur In V Rising?

The Rift Incursion locations in V Rising are spread across the Ruims of Mortium, in the easternmost part of Vardoran. To find the location of the Rift Incursions, you must build an Eye of Mortium (requires x4 Iron Ingot, x4 Scourgestone, and x20 Scroll).

This is unlocked after you upgrade your Castle Heart to Level 3—NOT by defeating a certain V Blood like one of our competitors has said (that's because they're using AI to write their guides and haven't actually played the game as I have).

Once the Eye of Mortium has been constructed, you'll be able to see exactly where the Rift Incursions are happening in V Rising, as well as their level requirement, status, and duration.

eye of mortium v rising

Here are all the possible locations where world events might occur:

  • Ancient Sacrificial Site
  • North Fortress Ruins
  • Frozen Lake Ruins
  • West Fortress Ruins
  • Dracula's Castle Courtyard
  • Vampire Village Ruins
  • Dracula's Castle Garden
  • South Fortress Ruins
  • Vampire Cemetry

What Are The Rift Incursion Rewards In V Rising?

Defeating the V Boss guarding each Rift Incursion crystal marks the end of the event. The crystal will shatter and drop several rewards, including Stygian Shards, which you can use to unlock Passive Spells, Jewels, and Ancestral Weapon Shards, which can be used to craft powerful Ancestral Weapons.

The drops you receive are determined randomly; however, higher-tier Rift Incursions tend to give better rewards. For example, you can get Level 20 Ancestral Weapons in Tier 1 Incursions but Level 30 Ancestral Weapons in Tier 2 events.

Pro Tip: Just remember that you can also trade Stygian Shards for Ancestral Weapon Shards at the Vampire Merchants in the Ruims of Mortium. They aren't cheap, but can be useful, especially if you've already unlocked all your Spell Passives.

And that's pretty much everything you need to know about Rift Incursions in V Rising.