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V Rising Progression Guide (Update 1.0): How To Reach Level 91 Fast

Need help reaching the maximum level? Here's the best fast progression guide for V Rising after Update 1.0.
V Rising Progression Guide (Update 1.0): How To Reach Level 91 Fast
Stunlock Studios

What is the quickest method to level up in V Rising? That's a great question. As a newly awakened vampire in Vardoran, it's understandable that you'd want to know the most effective progression path. We're here to help you with that. In this guide, we'll outline the steps you need to follow to reach level 91 rapidly.

This V Rising progression guide will cover all the objectives to streamline your gameplay. We will delve into the resources, structures, and bosses you need to defeat to begin crafting advanced materials and weapons. In short, this guide will set you on the fast track to building your vampiric empire.

Note: The content discussed in this guide is intended for solo/duo/quad PvE and PvP experiences. In the latter case, however, it does not account for losses encountered during raids or player combat. It goes without saying that running as a duo is more efficient, as it lets you split objectives for faster scaling.

How To Get To Level 91 Fast In V Rising: Progression Guide

Here's a structured walk-through of how to progress efficiently through V Rising after Update 1.0. Remember that these objectives give you a very rough idea of what you need to focus on. Feel free to adjust and add points as you see fit.

Act 1 Objectives

  • Kill the Alpha Wolf and Keely the Frost Archer.
  • Loot any Planks, Leather, and Coarse Thread (required for Merciless Nightstalker set) you manage to find in the Farbane Woods. To find many of these key starter resources, go to the Bandit Logging Camp and Bandit Trapper Camp.
  • While you loot, remember to check chests for Copper Coins. You will need this to buy Merciless Copper recipes. At this point, you should also start thinking about obtaining Whetstones and Tier 1 Gems for your weapons later on.
  • Go to the Bandit Copper Mine and kill Errol the Stonebreaker. This will give you a Chaos spell point, allowing you to unlock Chaos Volley early. You can also manipulate him to mine the Copper Ore nodes for you when you fight him.
  • Head to the Dunley Farmlands to set up a base. While you're there, try to find a horse so you can more efficiently traverse between the Farbane and Dunley areas.
  • Your next objective should be to kill Grayson the Armorer in the Bandit Armory. This location also has a ton of Whetstones, so be sure to loot a lot of them—you'll need them! You can also try to kill Goreswine if you want to unlock an Unholy spell like Ward of the Damned.
  • Assuming you have a Copper weapon, you should start mining Sulfur nodes whenever you see them. You will need at least 320 Sulfur Ore to craft a Smithy, which will unlock Iron weapons.
  • By now, you should be in a good position to kill the Ferocious Bear. After unlocking Bear Form, you can break into the Bandit Stronghold and fight Quincey the Bandit King. While you're there, loot more Whetstones from around the area.
  • While it is not necessary, you can also head to the Sulfur Quarry to kill Clive the Fire Starter. He will unlock the Alchemy Table, allowing you to craft an array of potions, which will prove very useful later on. You should be around Level 30 before progressing to the Act 2 objectives.

Act 2 Objectives

  • Now that you've cleared the important Act 1 bosses, it's time to turn your attention to the Dunley Farmlands. Specifically, you'll want to head straight to the Iron Mine to farm Iron Ore. While you're there, you can try to kill Kriig the Undead General and Meridith the Bright Archer (she drops a guaranteed Merciless Iron weapon recipe).
  • While exploring the Dunley Farmlands, you should be gathering Wool Thread and as much Cotton as possible so you can craft Hollowfang gear. To avoid having a ton of Garlic stacks, you should focus on smaller cotton plantations first before entering larger Cotton fields.
  • The next boss you need to kill is Beatrice the Tailor in Dawnbreak Village. You can find Wool Thread and lots of other valuable loot here. Just be warned: the area is teaming with enemy mobs (and other bosses use it as a thoroughfare).
  • If you're brave, you can travel to the Bastion of Dunley to gather Reinforced Planks and farm Scourgestone from the Dunley Monastery. You will incur Holy Resistance Damage, but if you're efficient, you can easily farm about 6 Scourgestones per run. A horse is absolutely imperative.
  • You need to kill Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who will roam around the Farbane Woods. Polara the Feywalker is an optional boss (at this point). While you're there, gather a few Blood Roses for Blood Rose Brews. If you run into him, you might also want to consider killing Vincent the Frostbringer to gain access to prisons and Tier 2 Spells. Finally, Christina the Sun Priestess is another optional boss you can kill for a larger inventory. 
  • Now, you need to kill Leandra the Shadow Priestess to get a Scourgestone Pendant, which should level you up to around 50. This should make you strong enough to take on Terah the Geomancer and unlock the Tier 2 Pendant recipes. The next two bosses you must kill are Maja the Dark Savant and Bane the Shadowblade.
  • At this point, your core focus should be on getting Merciless Hollowfang gear and Merciless Iron weapons. If necessary, you can purchase the recipes using Silver Coins. If you need higher Silver Resistance and more inventory slots, it might be a good idea to kill Frostmaw the Mountain Terror to unlock the Mountain Bag.
  • While it's not necessary, you can kill Octavian the Militia Captain to unlock the Ancestral Forge. This will allow you to forge Blue Ancestral weapons (although, I don't suggest you do this—see the note below). After unlocking these weapons, you should be at least Level 55-56.

Note: The issue with Blue Ancestral weapons is that in order to upgrade a weapon to Sanguine tier, you have to craft a Sanguine weapon. This means you have to craft TWO Dark Silver weapons just to get the Blue Ancestral Weapon to Sanguine tie. Plus, once it's there, it cannot be upgraded to the Purple Ancestral tier. This is a complete waste of resources.

Act 3 Objectives

  • Your next progression in V Rising will be to get Dawnthorn Regalia by beating Ungora the Spider Queen (Level 56+ recommended). However, you'll need to complete a few more objectives before you can actually craft it. The main ingredients you will need are Silk and Pristine Leather.
  • To gather these components, you will need to farm Silkworms in the Spider Cave of the Cursed Forest. You should also consider beating Ben the Old Wanderer and Foulrot the Soultaker during your run. Also, farm all the Ghost Crystal and Ghost Shroom you can find (Tip: you can also get Ghost Shroom from Cursed Wood).
  • Now, you must venture into Gloomrot to gather Mutant Grease for Pristine Leather. While you are there, you might also farm Batteries (for Power Cores later on) and Tech Scrap (for Radium). You'll likely also need to make a run to the Sulfur Quarry to farm the Sulfur nodes.
  • You will also need to turn your attention to your beating Domina the Blade Dancer and Angram the Purifier, who you'll need to gain access to the Advanced Grinder so you can refine Spectral Dust.
  • Go to Silverlight to farm Silver Ore and Reinforced Planks (use the Rat Hole). The Docks are also a great spot to get a ton of valuable loot—just be mindful of the Paladins, Light Weavers, and Clerics mucking about. You're probably not strong enough to take them on (yet).
  • Assuming that you're still gathering all the ingredients, you can consider killing Jade the Vampire Hunter so you can get the Advanced Blood Press (for Primal Blood Essence) and Pistols. While you're in the Dunley Farmlands tracking her down, gather Wool Thread (you'll need it for Ghost Yarn later).
  • Having completed all these steps, you should be level 65 (or thereabouts). This should put you at a comfortable level to take on Tier 1 Incursions to farm early Styrgian Shards.

Act 4 Objectives

  • Your next objective is to defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith so you can unlock the Advanced Furnace, Anvil, and Dark Silver recipes. This will give you a major power spike. Some secondary objectives you'll need to think about are collecting Gold Sun coins in Silverlight so you can buy Sanguine recipes. You can also consider killing The Duke of Balaton so you can craft the coins yourself.
  • To unlock the Tier 3 Cloak, you need to beat Sir Magnus the Overseer in the Silver Mine. You should also be strong enough to beat Baron the Sommelier to unlock the Blood Merlot Amulet. He's an annoying boss but relatively easy to beat. Just remember not to get knocked over by his barrels.
  • After you craft a Dark Silver weapon, you should be around Level 70-74. To progress further, you need to kill Henry Blackbrew and Voltatia the Power Master. Both of these bosses are quite tough, so I suggest doing them if you're extremely confident.
  • Now, you should be preparing to take on Azariel the Sunbringer and Matka the Curse Weaver, who will unlock the ability to craft Gold Ingots and Ghost Yarn, respectively. Before you can fight him, you need to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist so you can unlock the Tier 2 Holy Resistance Potion. In the meantime, you might also want to beat Terrorclaw the Ogre and Wilfred the Werewolf Chief.
  • You should be around Level 80 now, allowing you to confidently farm Greater Styrgian Shards in the Ruins of Mortium. You might also want to get a Draculin servant for your castle.
  • The next objectives will be to refine Gold Jewelry into Ingots, gather and craft Radium Alloy, and make Power Cores. You should also make the Advanced Loom and Tanneries so you can begin making Ghost Yarns. While you're at it, shift your focus to making a ton of Primal Blood Essence, if you haven't done so already.
  • Your major limitation at this stage will be Sanguine recipes. The only way to progress will be to obtain recipes from vendors using Gold Sun Coins or by finding Schematics and redeeming them at the Athenaeum. I suggest that you craft as much armor from the same set to benefit from the +1 Gear Score. You should be well over level 80 by now.

Act 5 Objectives

  • Now that you're basically at the endgame, you should shift your focus to increasing your vampiric power. This means unlocking the Bat Form and the Onyx Tear recipe. You can do this by defeating Styx the Sunderer. You should also focus on farming as much Ghost Crystal as you can.
  • You'll need to beat Gorecrusher to unlock the Bat Leather crafting recipe (available at the Advanced Tannery), which will unlock the remaining slots in your inventory and offer better stats. Finally, General Valencia the Depraved will give you the Shadow Weave recipe.
  • You should regularly participate in the Tier 2 Incursions to unlock your Tier 2 and 3 Spell Passives. If you haven't yet, you need to kill Octavian so you can craft Purple Ancestral weapons. Having done so, you should be between levels 84 and 88, depending on whether you have a full Sanguine Armor set and Purple Ancestral weapon.
  • To reach the maximum level, you need to unlock the Dracula Armor set by beating The Winged Horror, Solarus the Immaculate, and Adam the First Born. These bosses will also (hopefully) drop a Soul Shard, which will further boost your vampiric power by imbuing you with powerful spells that will replace your Ultimate Ability.
  • Now, you're ready to take on Dracula the Immortal King, who will not only drop another Soul Shard but also the final Dracula Armor set piece. Congratulations—you're at max level. From here, focus on getting Tier 3 Spell Jewels on all your spells and unlocking all the Spell Passives.

That completes our V Rising progression guide. I might have made some mistakes along the way (for that, I do apologize). If there are any glaring mistakes, please let me know by emailing me at chad.kemp@ginx.tv so I can fix them.

Many of the tips discussed stem from my own gameplay knowledge and expertise, with guidance provided by YouTuber TerribleTimmy. Having said that, please consider subscribing to their channel for more V Rising content and watch the video below for a more detailed explanation. They did a fantastic job putting all these tips together!