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Valheim as an MMO? Developers say they have "no plans" to go massive

Fans of MMOs shouldn’t look to Valheim for a new game to play.
Valheim as an MMO? Developers say they have "no plans" to go massive

Valheim exploded onto the gaming scene in February of this year, staking a place in the procedurally generated survival genre and giving players a whole new world to explore. 

The game features individual private servers that can be joined with up to 10 players. However, as of right now, that’s the only way to play with friends or streamers with public servers. There’s PvP in the game but it hasn’t truly been utilized thanks to the current server system. 

As a result, players have been asking the developers if they have any plans to expand this system and open up the servers. This, in turn, would essentially make Valheim into an MMORPG, as there’s a story associated with the game and crafting elements. The only thing missing is the MMO part, which comes from having hundreds of players on one server.

While fans still have their hopes, the developers recently shut down any plans for the game to turn into an MMO. 

Valheim is still successful half a year later after its release. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Valheim won’t be an MMO anytime soon 

In a recent Steam forum discussion, a fan asked a developer if there are any plans to make Valheim into an MMORPG. The fan stated “it would be cool” if the game was turned into massively multiplayer and it seems like it would be perfect thanks to the huge map and crafting elements. 

However, a developer quickly answered this question and crushed this fan’s dreams. The developer, named Munin, stated simply that “There are no plans or discussions to make Valheim an MMO.” 

Obviously, this is disappointing for fans who want to see more players on a single server. Though, the dev’s decision makes sense. Valheim’s updates have been pushed back by several months and the small studio has been overwhelmed by Valheim’s rise in popularity. While the studio is expanding, they’re still behind on updates and have bigger things on their plate than making the game into something it wasn’t designed to be. 

valheim mmo
Valheim’s next update is Hearth and Home. (Picture: Iron Gate)

So for MMO fans, it will likely be years, or never, before Valheim is even considered to be turned into an MMO. Luckily for Valheim fans, the Hearth and Home update is coming soon. 


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