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Valheim Mistlands Update: Release Date News, Confirmed New Content, Gameplay Trailer, More

The Mistlands Update is the next major addition to Valheim. Find out what you can expect on its release and when the content update may drop.
Valheim Mistlands Update: Release Date News, Confirmed New Content, Gameplay Trailer, More

For a long time, Valheim fans have been looking forward to the new Mistlands update that has been teased over and over by Iron Gate Studio itself. At first, their content roadmap was unclear, but we know for sure that the Voyage to the Mistlands biome update is next on the list for the sandbox survival game.

As recently as October, Iron Gate has continued to drop subtle teasers for the mysterious biome that is set to shake up the late game in Valheim. Our guide will go over the content expected for the update and any potential release dates on the horizon for the new voyage.

Update on 6 December 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Valheim Mistlands' news and leaks.

Valheim Mistlands Latest News

December 6 - The Mistlands Update Is now available across all platforms

In case you missed it - the Valheim Mistlands update is live right now and available for all players!

Why not watch the cinematic release trailer below to get you in the right mood: 

November 22 - Valheim Mistlands is now live!

The Valheim Mistlands update is finally here.

Surprisingly, the Mistlands update is available NOW for Public Testing. The Team at Iron Gate have stated they want to make sure they have a chance to discover bugs and adjust the balancing, before releasing it to all players.

If you would like to play the early access version of the game, you can find more details on how to join, as well as read the full patch notes, on the Valheim website.

November 21 - Less than 24 hours to go

The first Valheim Mistlands gameplay trailer drops in less than 24 hours' time. 

Stand by for updates, news, leaks, and of course that glorious debut trailer.

November 18 - Valheim Mistlands Gameplay Trailer!

Ok so it's not here, but we now finally know when it's going to drop.

The official Valheim Twitter account has confirmed that developers Iron Gate will share the Mistlands Gameplay Trailer on 22 November 2022 at 3pm GMT.

The trailer description currently reads:

"As the mist stirs, long forgotten secrets are unveiled... Will you be brave and resilient enough to discover them? This is a gameplay trailer, and is obviously not spoiler free!" 


Valheim Mistlands Update Release Date

November 22 - The Mistlands update is now available to play for the Public Test version of Valheim. Do note, it may therefore be unstable.

Everyone wants to know when the Voyage to the Mistlands is going to drop in Valheim. It's been a long time since a major update was released in the game, going all the way back to September 2021. Hearth & Home was the last major addition to the game, and even then, it didn't have the impact on late-game saves that the upcoming voyage promises.

Unfortunately, there is no exact release date yet. So far, Iron Gate has only ever announced a 2022 release date for the Mistlands, but that is also subject to change. As the year closes out, it seems likely that a delay will be placed on the update, or that fans will get the content in December.

One silver lining is the teasers that Iron Gate has been dropping. Screenshots continue to drop as recently as October 7, so there is still hope for some concrete release date details in the near future.

Mistlands Fashion
More fashion is on the way in Voyage to the Mistlands. (Picture: Iron Gate Studio)

New Content in the Valheim Mistlands Update

November 22 - Full details of what's included in the Valheim Mistlands update can now be viewed on the (slightly spoilery) patch notes, available on the official website.

The meat and potatoes of the update are all included with the new biome. Hearth and Home added a ton of quality-of-life enhancements and some smaller content drops, but nothing as crazy as a hard-hitting zone meant for end-game content. Voyage to the Mistlands is meant to do just that.

In one of the recent teasers for the update, a character can be seen climbing on some of the roots or branches of Yggdrasil. This hasn't been allowed in the game so far and is likely a centerpiece of the Mistlands.

As the name suggests, the biome is also full of mist and you can technically already find it for yourself in the game. Placeholder biomes for the Mistlands still exist if you can find one that randomly generates on the map. However, you'll find mist there and nothing else. The area is empty and even the trees have been cut out.

When the Mistlands are officially implemented, the area will have massive trees, access to Yggrasil, and some of the most dangerous enemies to date. Spiders seem to be one of the major enemy types, but what else lurks in the sixth biome remains to be seen.

Black Marble is also supposedly the latest material coming to the game that will serve as the main ingredient for upgrades. You'll undoubtedly need as much as you can get before delving into the other planned biomes coming in the near future.

For more content, check out the dedicated Valheim section for guides, news, updates, and more!

Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate Studio.