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Do Bosses Despawn In Valheim

Here, we tell you whether or not bosses despawn in Valheim.
Do Bosses Despawn In Valheim

Valheim is an early-access game that is quite popular among players around the world. The game has a lot of different mechanics that players can discover and explore. From crafting and exploring the world, Valheim has a lot of depth to it and it can be a bit overwhelming for some players to soak in all in.

One of the main goals in Valheim is to defeat all of the bosses in the game. They are what players strive to defeat and are great marks of progression in Valheim. With all the enemies in the world, bosses are a bit unique. Players have to summon the bosses themselves and defeat them. But what if you lose? What if you run away? Do the bosses despawn in Valheim? Here, we are going to go over that answer.

Do The Bosses Desapawn In Valheim?

Valheim Boss Despawn
Players should get a lay of the land before summoning bosses in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studio)

One of the unique features of Valheim is how bosses work in the game. Odin has tasked the players to defeat all the bosses that are in Valheim. But the bosses are not roaming around or waiting in a room. Bosses actually have to be summoned by the players themselves. This makes them a bit unique in how they work.

Because you yourself summon the bosses, the bosses do not despawn. That means if you meet an unfortunate end to that boss, the boss will remain and you will have to defeat the boss to reclaim that area. This could be problematic for players who are underprepared, so it is important to know how strong you are compared to the area and the boss.

Is There Anyway To Despawn Bosses In Valheim?

Valheim Boss Despawn
Players can continue adventuring in Valheim even after they summoned a boss. (Picture: Iron Gate Studio)

The only way that a boss despawns in Valheim is if players defeat them. If you leave the boss area, if you are defeated, or if anything happens to move away from the boss, the boss will remain there. It is impossible for bosses to despawn in Valheim, so it is essential that players go into boss fights as prepared as possible.

Although bosses cannot despawn, there are restrictions for the boss. Bosses will only remain near the area where they were summoned. So if a fight isn't going your way, running away is a viable option. That means if a boss defeats you, it will not try to chase you down when you respawn in the game. Just remember to stay clear of the area, make yourself stronger, and then try to beat the boss again.