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100 Thieves beats Acend to book a slot for VCT Masters Berlin semi-finals

100 Thieves became the second team in Berlin and the first NA team to qualify for the VCT Masters Berlin semi-finals.
After showing a fantastic comeback on the decider Breeze map, 100 Thieves becomes the first NA team to secure its spot in the Valorant Masters Berlin semi-finals. Although fans were expecting that 100 Thieves would destroy Acend, the #3 seed from the EMEA region, they were forced to pull an insane clutch third game.

Fans were expecting some flashy plays from Mehmet Yağız "cNed" İpek from Ascend and Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk from 100 Thieves, and they didn’t disappoint as both managed to put on an amazing show for the audience.

Ascend was so close yet so far from the win against 100 Thieves. (Picture: Valorant Esports)
Ascend was so close yet so far from the win against 100 Thieves. (Picture: Valorant Esports)

The first map of Ascent was a neck and neck game between both the teams as the first half tied with each side winning six rounds. However, as soon as Acend started to defend, the situation changed completely as they blocked 100 Thieves surprisingly well to win the map by a 13-9 score. 100 Thieves managed to do the same by defeating Acend in Haven with a lead of five points. 

Breeze picked by 100 Thieves was the final map of the game, with Ascend being the attackers. In the deciding map of the game, Ascend was dominating throughout the first half. However, just when everyone started thinking of Ascend as the winners, Hiko, Steel, Ethan and Nitro’s experience combined with Asuna’s reflexes pulled off an amazing comeback to take the match to overtime and ultimately winning by 14-12 to secure their spot for the semi-finals.

Are 100 Thieves favourites to win it all? (Picture: Riot Games)


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