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Agent specific keybinds coming to Valorant in Episode 3

The much-requested feature is making its way to the game.
Agent specific keybinds coming to Valorant in Episode 3

Valorant fans - rejoice! A feature long requested is in the works and it should be coming in Episode 3.

That feature is the ability to set specific keybinds for each of the game's fourteen Agents. With every agent have unique abilities and thus necessitating different play styles the inability to change these binds can be a frustrating one for players.

But thanks to Riot's bi-weekly Ask Valorant blog, we now have confirmation that such a feature is on the way.

"While we have no specific timing to give you today, believe us that this has not dropped off our long list of priorities for this year," wrote the developers.

"Our hope is to find a version of this around Episode 3."

Valorant agent keybinds
(Picture: Riot Games)

The game is currently in the first Act of Episode 2 and thus it will be a while yet until players can change the binds knowing it is being actively worked on is some comfort.

With fourteen Agents already, and many more on the way, the ability to change Agent's abilities to different keys is crucial to the sanity of any Valorant player e.g. the button you use Jett's Tailwind (E) with may not be the one you want to use for Breach's Fault Lines. 

Personally Jett's abilites are the ones I would customize the most, using "Shift" for Tailwind, but again that's just me and this also kinda the point.

Jett agent specific binds valorant
(Picture: Mobalytics)

With each Act lasting roughly two months, and Episode 2 Act 2 expected to start around 2nd of March. That puts an Episode 3 start date around early July 2021.