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Who is Valorant's next Agent? Teaser suggest Ghanaian born Agent to join roster

With Yoru still fresh in Valorant players' minds, leaks are already hinting at the newest Agent that could potentially make it into the game.
Valorant, Riot's first foray into the world of tactical shooters, has been a massive success on the back of innovative gameplay with unique character designs and it seems the devs are gearing up for one more to make its debut.

With the release of the second Night Market, which is set in Ghana, fans have speculated that this is a hint at the latest Agent's nationality.


The first clue is the Night Market itself. The first one was held in Japan, with Yoru releasing soon after. There's also the Adinkra Symbols in the released image by Riot, which roughly translate to what could be a royalty figure being teased.

yoru valorant night market
Yoru released soon after the first Night Market (Image: Riot Games)

"King of the Adinkra symbols. A symbol for authority, leadership, and charisma. Also a symbol of qualities associated with kings. Adinkrahene is reportedly the inspiration for the design of the other symbols," was the translation provided by Twitter user Cynprel

We'll keep you updated on all leaks regarding the latest Valorant Agent.