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Alleged Valorant stream sniper receives death threats after clip goes viral

Twitch streamer Atlid was accused by Rise's Shanks of stream sniping during a ranked game of Valorant.
Alleged Valorant stream sniper receives death threats after clip goes viral

A stream sniping allegation against Twitch streamer Atlid by Rise's Ryan "Shanks" Ngo has led to the accused receiving death threats via social media, according to Atlid himself. 

Sanks posted a video on social media of a clip that seems to imply Atlid was stream sniping him during a ranked match of Valorant, as the audio of a Twitch ad can be heard for a brief moment. 

Following this post, fans started digging into Atlid's VOD, and discovered some more suspicious behaviour, like the clip embedded down below, in which Atlid constantly looks away from his PC, and gets in a perfect position to take down Shanks while he was entering Showers in Bind. 

What adds to the suspicion is that Atlid states that he's going to "OP diff the f*ck out of this game" standing up to do something off-camera. A clear call-out to Shanks, who was also playing a duelist, Jett.

Fans went on to demand explanations on social media, with Atlid stating that he addressed these accusations on his stream, denying stream sniping Shanks.

atlid stream sniper
Atlid denies having stream snipe Shanks. (Picture: Atlid)

After being asked why he doesn't directly address the tweet made by Shanks, which at the time of writing sits at 48k views, he replied that it would only bring more unwanted attention, as he's already getting death threats as it is. 

valorant stream snipe
Atlid is already getting harassed. (Picture: Atlid)

Regardless of what you think of stream snipers, threats of any kind are simply not a proper reaction to their actions, especially when the evidence is as inconclusive as the one presented. 

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Header image via Atlid.