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Ardiis, a promising Valorant pro player, accused of cheating and match-fixing

Valorant's esports scene is still very young and at the very beginning, but unfortunately, the accusations of cheating and match-fixing are already exposing dirt around some promising names.
Ardiis, a promising Valorant pro player, accused of cheating and match-fixing

Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks is a Valorant player from Latvia, who is trying to make a name for himself as a professional Valorant player.

And one might say that he is doing quite well for now. If you look at ardiis' Liquipedia page, you'll see almost nothing but 1st places, which is really a respectable achievement, even if you say that these are only "small" tournaments.

His last two titles are Twitch Rivals and G2 Esports European Brawl II, something that could surely help him to propel his career further, and G2 Esports is already showing interest for him.

ardiis valorant cheating
Ardiis has achieved impressive results in the early days of Valorant's tournament scene(Picture: Liquipedia)

But, it looks like his career might come to an abrupt end before it has even started.

A person which goes by the name Itsgamerdoc posted a blog where he presents some serious allegations.

He claims that a private cheat developer has been in contact with him regarding ardiis and "has made some disturbing claims."

Allegedly, ardiis got in touch with this cheat developer and requested to build him a private cheat for Valorant, and also expressed his intention to participate in match-fixing. 

To support these claims, Itsgamerdoc posted two videos. One is a paragraph from the Snapchat conversation between ardiis and Jack “kpiz” Pragnell, who's playing Valorant for ROYALS.

The video quality is really bad, but the conversation allegedly includes ardiis and kpiz talking about match-fixing a recent Valorant tournament.

The second provided video is a Teamspeak conversation, allegedly between ardiis and 2 cheat developers, discussing match-fixing and betting on games with kpiz and DPS(another ROYALS player).

Ardiis allegedly says how he wanted to throw games when they were featured on betting websites but he didn't like the odds. Then talks about "Bulgarian match-fixing," and says how he wanted to bring in a cheater as a super-sub to the team.

Finally, Itsgamerdoc points out that Ardiis has a history of cheating from his CS:GO times, which suspiciously includes kpiz as well, and one other banned cheater. The attempt of cheating took place at the ESEA platform.

We encourage you to read the full blog Gamer Doc posted via Medium for more details. Riot should definitely need to take a look at these serious accusations, for the sake of competitive integrity of the game and its esports scene.