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Batch of Valorant cheaters banned by Riot

Riot Games has banned another batch of Valorant cheaters, with 1,600 accounts closed in total.
Batch of Valorant cheaters banned by Riot

The fight against Valorant cheaters continue, and while bans get dished out, cheaters keep finding ways to gain an unfair advantage in Valorant. 

In the latest ban wave, Riot Games have banned 1,600 cheaters, closing the players' accounts for good.


Valorant cheaters bite the dust

Riot Game's Phillip Koskinas, who works on anti-cheat systems for the developer, announced the latest ban wave:



The Valorant anti-cheat system, called Vanguard, has been a controversial topic, as many have been unhappy about its intrusive nature, or side effects, such as accidentally disabling peripheral drivers

Earlier this month, Vanguard even went rogue, mass kicking players with a "Vanguard anti-cheat" error message.  A hotfix seemed to have settled the mass kick issue. 

With Riot Games' Phillip Koskinas announcing the 1600 accounts closed, this is not some error. Instead, Riot continues to fight against Vaolorant cheaters.

Cheaters were already using wallhacks and aimbots only weeks before after the Valorant closed beta kicked off. Why the 1,600 Valorant accounts were banned this time around, has not been announced.

Sure, the Valorant anti-cheat system might not be perfect, but keep in mind beta is beta, so Riot Games is still improving on all its systems. 

Riot isn't just working on improving Vanguard, and fighting cheaters, as we learned a second Valorant anti-cheat system is in the works. It will be like CS:GO's Overwatch, and arrive post-launch.

While you wait for Riot to sort out Valorant cheaters, you can catch up with some of the sauciest gaming news in our Lockdown video series.


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