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C9 White's meL apologizes for publically calling out Valorant 'VOD leakers'

The C9W member acted "hastily" after calling out the Insight male team for allegedly leaking scrim VODs to other female teams.
C9 White's meL apologizes for publically calling out Valorant 'VOD leakers'

Melanie "meL" Capone has issued an apology and given further context after her controversial tweet made days ago, calling out the Insight male Valorant team for allegedly leaking Cloud9 White scrim VODs, sharing them with female squads in the process.

The C9 rep's tweet in which she slammed the org for such dubious acts had severe consequences, as the female roster decided to part ways, with both Insight teams being harassed on social media.

Insight's Sae, the player who originally leaked the VODs according to Mel, apologized for the misunderstanding, explaining that while he records every scrim for personal use, he only shared a screengrab of the stats report with him as a top fragger and a quick clip of an Ace without blurring the names of the players in the lobby.

In her apology, Mel explains that although what Sae mentioned in his Twitlonger is true (the Ace clip and scoreboard being shared), he omitted the fact that the Insight team also shared "map-specific tendencies" to potential C9 White opponents.

"The message suggests how to go about counter-strat-ing us on a particular map. It would be a stretch to suggest these messages were also a byproduct of 'inexperience.'"

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(Picture: Riot Games)

Despite remaining firm on her stance, she admits to having acted "hastily," causing quite possible unnecessary collateral damage with her hot-headed tweet. 

The Insight coaching staff has said a response to these new allegations will be made soon, however, as of the time of writing, they have yet to issue any kind of counterargument.