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Valorant ChronoVoid Bundle Release Date, Skins, Price

Chronovoid is the next bundle that will be available in Valorant, and here's what it will cost and which skins it will bring.
Valorant ChronoVoid Bundle Release Date, Skins, Price

Valorant witnessed one of the biggest esports tournaments in its history, the Valorant Champions Istanbul, and with the tournament finishing, Riot Games announced a new skin line: The Chronovoid Bundle. For a limited time period, The Champions 2022 collection and the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle will depart the Valorant Store the Chronovoid will be available in the Store.

Riot Games announced all the details regarding the new skin line, including its release date, weapons it will be available for, variants, and more. Here are the complete details of the new upcoming Valorant Chronovoid Bundle:

Valorant Chronovoid Bundle and Skins

The Valorant Chronovoid Bundle will be from September 21, 2022, in the Valorant Store. The base variant of the skins will be available in brown color, and here are the items for which the skin line will be available:

  • ChronoVoid Phantom

  • ChronoVoid Vandal

  • Terminus A Quo (melee)

  • ChronoVoid Sheriff

  • ChronoVoid Judge

  • ChronoVoid Card

  • ChronoVoid Spray

  • ChronoVoid Gun Buddy

Here is the official skin reveal video:

The Chronovoid Bundle is available for 8700 VP, which will cost you around $85. The skin line is classified as XE, meaning it is an Exclusive Edition skin line. Here is the pricing of each item in The Chronovoid Bundle:

  • ChronoVoid Phantom: 2175

  • ChronoVoid Vandal: 2175

  • Terminus A Quo (melee): 4350

  • ChronoVoid Sheriff: 2175

  • ChronoVoid Judge: 2175

  • ChronoVoid Card: 375

  • ChronoVoid Spray: 325

  • ChronoVoid Gun Buddy: 475

Note: The individual item pricing is based on the previous Exclusive Edition skin line; we will update the pricing if there are any changes when the skin line is available on the Valorant Store.

Here are some of the different variants available in The Chronovoid Bundle:

ChronoVoid Judge Variants in Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games)
ChronoVoid Phantom Variants in Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games)
ChronoVoid Sherriff Variants in Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games)
ChronoVoid Vandal Variants in Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games)

There are different inspirations and notable concepts which can be seen in the bundle, and ‘The goal was to create a sci-fi weapon with a unique experience. We wanted to show something that could be considered technologically advanced yet luxurious. Inspired by the story of Daedalus and the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, the idea was to convey a sense of mystery and power, and of holding a forbidden piece of treasure. We wanted to make a weapon that represented a relic of ancient powers.’ as per Stefan Jevremovic, Art Lead.

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Featured image via Riot Games.