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Cypher receives Spycam nerf in first Valorant patch, Jett map exploits fixed

A hotfix for Riots new shooter "nerfs" Cypher spycam bug that allowed players to attach a sidearm to give it extra lethal "dart".
Cypher receives Spycam nerf in first Valorant patch, Jett map exploits fixed

The launch of Valorant's closed beta has gone off largely without a hitch. With such a long development time, it is perhaps no surprise that there have been so few bugs discovered - however, when you have hundreds of thousands of players coming into your game in a short space of time and all of them looking to gain a competitive advantage there was sure to be a few crop up.

Riot Games seem to be on top of things though and are rolling out their first hotfix for their new tactical shooter. The update is small, and anyone who was hoping the Raze agent would receive a nerf will be sorely disappointed. This is purely to fix some bugs that have become apparent including one that makes Cypher's spycam one of the strongest abilities in the game.

The update is already out on EU servers and is expected to be out in North American servers by 8 am PT, 15th April.



The problem with the Cypher agent was that some canny players have realised you could attach your secondary weapon to his Spycam ability. This would allow you to shoot at your opponents something for more powerful than the location revealing dart as designed.


Valorant hot fix Cypher spy cam bug Cypher Spycam gun attachment Cypher spycam pistol attachement


Riot has clearly seen the funny side of it, in the short patch notes accompanying the hotfix it simply says that Cypher's Spycam has been made "less lethal".

The bug can be seen in action in this YouTube video from by Sk1mmy.


The patch is also promising to address a few of the reported map glitches, that allow players to get into locations which should not be accessible - usually by using Jett's movement abilities.

You can see this in action in a video posted by Reddit user Airikan, which shows a player use Jett to get on the invisible floors on the Split map and giving you sightlines across the map.

Jett boost bug Split map Jett updraft bug map bug Valorant agent


Thankfully with these bugs, as game-breaking and annoying for anyone on the receiving end of them, are being found in the closed beta where all games are currently unranked. With the ranking system not set to be activated until the game officially launches in the summer - meaning if you find yourself losing a game from them you won't be punished in the long term.