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Will Raze get hit with the Riot nerf-hammer? Valorant's Game Director chimes in

The Valorant Agent has been dominating the closed beta during the initial days and several high profile players have criticized her design.
Will Raze get hit with the Riot nerf-hammer? Valorant's Game Director chimes in
Valorant's closed beta is in full swing with thousands of players getting familiar with the gameplay, characters, and map design. During this early learning process, however, one Agent has stood out above the rest - Raze.

One of the most vocal personalities against the character has been former CS:GO pro, Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar, vehemently expressing his dislike for Raze both on his Twitch stream and Twitter.



The reason for his distaste of Raze is because he believes she breaks Valorant's game design. According to Summit, Riot's tactical shooter is "supposed to be kinda Overwatch, kinda Counter-Strike. This guy is flying through the air like I’m playing Quake bro."


Valorant is a game where reactions and precise aim are rewarded with the added utility-based abilities from most of the Agents but Raze, whose entire kit revolves around fragging, making her almost a must-pick in every team composition

After Summit's vocal rants on his stream, Valorant's game director, Joe Ziegler, responded stating that they're hard at work with balance changes and that Raze is one the several Agents they'll be looking at



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