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DarkZero Esports dives into Valorant, acquires Kooky Koalas roster

The North American organization will make its way through the Valorant competitive scene, following its outstanding passage within the Rainbow Six scene.
DarkZero Esports dives into Valorant, acquires Kooky Koalas roster

As has been common in recent months, teams and famous franchises of various FPS such as Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six have taken the big step to be part of the competitive scene of Riot Games’ shooter, Valorant, with Natus Vincere being one of the most recent to announce their arrival.

Now, another famous organization will make its way into the Valorant competitive, now that DarkZero Esports revealed the acquisition of the Kooky Koalas roster before the start of the third split of the Champions Tour, ahead of the Valorant Masters in Berlin.

The acquisition of the Kooky Koalas roster by an org of the size of DarkZero is no surprise, if we travel back to the tremendous results the team achieved during the VCT NA Challengers 3 from March 2021, where they managed to be a dark horse by qualifying for the main event after getting wins over squads like Spacestation Gaming.

With that said, the Valorant roster for DarkZero Esports will be conformed as follows:

  • Kyle "ScrewFace" Jensen
  • Yannick "KOLER" Blanchett
  • Nick "Harmon" Harmon
  • Adam "Ange" Milian
  • Andy "Andersin" Collins
  • Zack "huuaw" Solomon (coach)

As part of this announcement, Zachary Matula, CEO and Founder of DarkZero, commented the following through a press release: “We’ve spent the last few years building the model for our organization and this is a very exciting opportunity for DarkZero to expand into a new scene.”

“Riot has supported League of Legends esports, and with the health of that ecosystem, we trust they will mirror that in Valorant. This team has shown they can compete with the best in the world and we look forward to seeing what they can do with the support of our program.”

DarkZero Esports Valorant roster
DarkZero Esports' Valorant roster (Picture: DarkZero Esports)

Likewise, team captain Andy "Andersin" Collins mentioned that “to be picked up as a full team is an amazing feeling, as this opportunity isn’t one that many teams get to receive, and having the complete support of an organization at the calibre of DarkZero, it’s completely overwhelming.”

This way, one of the teams with the best results within Rainbow Six competitive prepares to face a new challenge that we are sure will bring a lot of success to an organization that has been growing in recent months, becoming a rival of care within the professional scene.

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