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What is Account Leveling in Valorant: How to level up your account

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 introduces a new way to show your commitment to the game in a form of the Account Leveling feature. Here you can find out how exactly it works and how you can level up your Valorant account.
What is Account Leveling in Valorant: How to level up your account

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 has arrived and it comes with some of the biggest changes yet.

The game's economy has undergone drastic weapon price changes, which will undoubtedly bring meta shifts, especially paired with Episode 3 Agent buffs and nerfs.

We are excited to test our skills with the new agent, KAY/O, and start grinding through the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass, but that's not all the new season has brought.

For those of you who like to show off their prestige and loyalty to the game, there is a brand new Account Leveling system, which will let you level up your account based on simply how much you play the game.

What is Account Leveling in Valorant?

Account Leveling in Valorant all levels(Picture: Riot Games)

As developers state: "Account Leveling is our way to recognize and reward."

Simply put, through Account Leveling you will be able to show the overall progress of your account regardless of what type of a player you are.

No matter if you are a hardcore or a casual player, and no matter what game mode you prefer, Account Leveling will allow you to show how much time you have invested into the game and how committed you are.

Your level will be shown as a number with unique borders on your in-game Player Card. To more time you have spent in-game (playing matches in any mode), the bigger your level will be.

Below you can see border designs for different groups of levels.

Account Leveling borders Valorant(Picture: Riot Games)

How do you level up your Valorant account?

All you need to do is simply play the game, and your Valorant account will level up.

You will earn Account Points (AP) by playing matches, and the number of AP earned depends on the duration and results of the match. The longer the match and the better you play, the more AP you will get.

Additionally, the first win of the day will earn you bonus APs.

It is important to note that Account Points have nothing to do with the Battle Pass or Agent Contract XP, which operate separately from this system.

Finally, if you are a long-time Valorant player and have been grinding the game from the very beginning, the good news is that you will be rewarded with Account Points retroactively for all the games you have played on your account, which means that once the system is live, you will automatically level up based on your history with the game.

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