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Ego By Onetap, Riot tease new Valorant skin collection

Riot has teased a brand new skin line and it will likely rival the dragon-inspired Elderflame collection in cost if nothing else.
Ego By Onetap, Riot tease new Valorant skin collection

Update: More information for the EGO by OneTap skin collection is now available and you can read all about it here.

Weapon skins for Valorant have had a mix-reception, some claim they are some of the most beautiful and well thought out in gaming, others think they are way overpriced, and probably both things are true.

But if Riot knows how to do nothing else it is to turn the hype meter to 11, and they are making that place again with what appears to be a new skin collection by the name "Ego By Onetap"




The 11-second teaser has the stylings of a men's aftershave commercial, and "Ego By Onetap" could easily read "by David Beckham".

There is little to go on here, a gold-wireframe knife spins quite seductively on its blade as "Ego" and "Ego by Onetap" flashes on the screen in different languages.

EGO by onetap Valorant weapon skin collection

There does appear to be some hints as to what weapons will be in the skin collection, in small writing from left to right there are mentions of the Guardian, Stinger, and Ghost. There is also of course the Knife.

Below that there is Korean lettering, which is being reported as referencing the Vandal.

These would fit in with the theme of one tap potential, though show me something one-tapping with the Stinger and ill show you a hacker.

Posted alongside is the video is a simple message: 

"Feed your Ego", and could probably also include, "empty your wallet", as the skin line, with the increased hype meaning it is likely to fall in line with the pricing of the Ultra Edition Elderflame skins.

The full collection set back players north of £90. So feed yourself, or feed your ego. The choice is yours.