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Valorant’s first Ultra Edition skins Elderflame transform weapons into dragons

Riot Games has announced a new dragon-themed bundle for Valorant which is far more dynamic than your typical skins.
A new Ultra Edition skin bundle named Elderflame is coming to Valorant, which transform your weapons into dragons. 

Set to be available from 10th July, Riot Games announced the new skins with a special trailer - showing four gun skins and a knife themed around a fire-breathing dragon. 

Unlike skins featured in many other games, these Ultra Edition ones appear to go one step further in adding dynamic flair - with the dragon reacting to reload animations and when weapons are fired. 

Valorant Elderflame
Valorant's new Elderflame skins (Picture: Riot Games)


As shown in the trailer, the bundle appears to feature skins for Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian and a special knife. 

Like past skin bundles, a special finisher for the player who earns the round-ending kill will also be included - showing a dragon breathing fire on enemies from above. 

The skins however come at a weighty price tag. As shown by their skin price tiers, Ultra Edition skins cost 2475 VP each which equals around £23 for one weapon skin. 

This means the Elderflame bundle, which includes four skins, will be 9900 VP which is around £90. Ouch.