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G2 Davidp's father passed away while player was competing in Valorant tournament

The Belgium player had to leave in the middle of G2's match against FunPlus Phoenix after failed attempts at calling for a pause.
G2 Davidp's father passed away while player was competing in Valorant tournament

A heartbreaking situation occurred during the Valorant Allied Esports Odyssey tournament, as G2's David "Davidp" Prins received the tragic news of his father's passing while he was in the middle of streaming his POV during the team's run in the Ignition Series certified event.

G2 Davidp dad dead

G2, one of the top European teams in the Valorant scene, was playing in the group stages of the tournament against FunPlus Phoenix. Nearing the end of the match, Davidp was seen to be distraught as he was receiving news of some kind.

After a few seconds, the Belgian would ask for a pause citing an emergency without disclosing any details. However, his request was denied and was forced to complete the round in question as it's impossible to pause an initiated round.

"I need pause, I need pause, boys. I have emergency after this round I can't play," David said, and while he tried to get his head back in the game, he would end up leaving the lobby during game 2 as the score was 9-9, resulting in a G2 defeat 13-9.

Eventually, he would reveal the tragic news of his father's passing on social media as the reason for his sudden departure from the game.

"My father just left this world while I was playing a tournament how bad can life be with me, how f*cking bad? I regret so many things, i regret that I didn't spend time with you lately, I regret that I didn't say that I loved you from years, I'll miss you Papa," was the gutwrenching message David posted on Twitter.

G2 has acknowledged David's current situation but has yet to issue an update on the team's involvement in the Allied Esports Oddysey tournament. They are scheduled to play Ninjas in Pyjamas on the 13th August.