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Player discovers Killjoy's Alarmbot can be used to create one-way shield

The latest agent has been the subject of much discussion with some considering her overpowered, and her latest trick will only add fuel to that fire.
Player discovers Killjoy's Alarmbot can be used to create one-way shield

Killjoy's Alarmbot was arguably the weakest of the Agents abilities, with her Nanoswarm and ultimate - Lockdown - arguably some of the strongest abilities in the game. That is until now with one player discovering that a well-placed Alarmbot acts as a shield against bullets - stand behind it and you are immune from damage.

Killjoy alarmbot shield
(Picture: RIot Games)

If you are unaware Alarmbot works it is similar to Raze's Boombot in that it seeks out opponents in its vicinity. However, unlike Raze's Boombot it is static until an opponent is within its range, once in range it will chase them down and explode, causing the recipient to gain a damage multiplier to munitions.

Kurtis "KurtG" Gallo, who is part of the T1's Valorant Academy roster, has found a more useful function for the Alarmbot though, by placing it around head height and standing behind it, you can not only see through and take shots at opponents it will block any bullets from coming through and landing shots on you.

KurtG uploaded a clip to his Twitter showing the trick in action, positioning the Alarmbot and himself behind it, at the stairs of midmarket B on Ascent, he watches as players strafe into view dropping three of them. Eventually one manages to shoot the Alarmbot but Kurt quickly finishes him off for the 4-piece. "I am a f**king genius dude!" KurtG can be heard saying.

The chances of this particular "trick" staying in the game are low and is possible only because the Alarmbot can't be destroyed by friendly fire, effectively making it a one-way shield. Riot have yet to comment on the discovery of this mechanic and if it's by design.

Killjoy has already caused problems since her introduction, 100 Thieves Hiko commented, before she was even released, that her arrival could increase the number of healers and create the grounds for the game's first tank. On release, her Nanoswarm grenade was also found to be able to be placed in locations that meant it couldn't be destroyed, the ramifications of this were so great that Riot asked tournament organizers to ban her use until a fix could be made - a ban that is still in place.