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G2 Gozen Qualifies For Valorant Game Changers Upper Final

G2 Gozen destroys Cloud9 White to secure their spot in Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Upper Final.
G2 Gozen Qualifies For Valorant Game Changers Upper Final

The first day of the Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 brought the tournament favorites, Cloud9 and G2 Gozen, face to face, and G2 came out to be the winner of the match to proceed to the upper final. The team will now play on 18th November against the winner of Match 6, which will be happening tomorrow in order to secure a spot in the Grand Finale.

This was the first series of the tournament that reached the third map. The first map, Ascent, was Cloud9's pick and G2 started off by winning the pistol round; however, right after that, C9 went on to win the next four rounds back to back to take a lead of three rounds. G2 then made a comeback to level the scores to 6-6 at the end of the first half. However, once C9 took the defensive side, they crushed G2 in the second half as they were able to win just one round in the second half. Cloud9 White won the first map by 13-7 to take the lead in the series.

The story of the second map, Breeze, was opposite to that of the first map. G2 Gozen started the map with utter domination and won the first four rounds of the match. However, the next five rounds were secured by C9 as they took the lead in the scores, but that wasn't enough for them as G2 did not let C9 make another comeback and won all the remaining rounds except one. G2 leveled the series by 1-1, securing the map by 13-6.

G2 was tremendous in the third map, Pearl, and completely destroyed C9 right from the beginning. Cloud 9 White was able to win just three rounds in the whole game, and even the 9-3 curse couldn't do much, thanks to the extraordinary performance by mimi, who also became the MVP of the third map.

Cloud9 White will now fight in the lower bracket to keep their hopes alive on 18th November; however, if they fail to win the match, they will be out of the tournament.

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