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Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Live Scores, Results

Here are the updated live scores and results for Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022.
Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Live Scores, Results

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 has begun and is taking place in Berlin, where the top eight teams worldwide are fighting for the trophy and the championship title. Currently, the group stage is underway, where teams will follow a double-elimination format and will play against each other in the best-of-three series until the best-of-five Grand Finale.

You can go to Berlin to attend the LAN event in person or catch it live on Twitch and YouTube in different languages. However, sometimes it is not possible to watch every match, and thus, you can have a look at the Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 scores and results updated live below.

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Results

Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Schedule.
Valorant Game Changers Championship 2022 Schedule. (Picture: Riot Games)

15th November (Tuesday)

  • Match 3 - C9 White vs. G2 Gozen: C9 banned Icebox, Fracture and picked Ascent. G2 banned Haven, Fracture and chose Breeze. Pearl remained. G2 started Ascent with a pistol round win, but after that, C9 won four consecutive rounds. G2 made a comeback and finished with a score of 6-6. The second half created a massive difference in the scoreline as C9 let G2 win only a single round and finally won the first map by 13-7. It was the first game to reach the third map and G2 destroyed C9 as they were able to win only three rounds that too in the first half. G2 Gozen won the series by 2-1 and confirmed their slot in upper finals.
  • Match 2 - G2 Gozen vs. X10 Sapphire: G2 banned Fracture, Haven and picked Icebox. X10 banned X10, Ascent, and chose Breeze. Bind remained. Icebox, the first map, was close in the first half, but G2 dominated every round in the second half to win it by 13-4. The first half of Breeze put Cloud9 ahead by 9-3. X10 tried to make a comeback in the second half by winning the first two rounds but couldn't do much as G2 came back to win the game by 13-7. G2 Gozen will now go against C9 White for a slot in the upper final. 
  • Match 1 - C9 White vs. KRÜ Esports: KRÜ banned Bind, Pearl and picked Ascent. C9 banned Icebox, Breeze and chose Haven. Fracture remained. C9 beat KRÜ on Ascent by 13-4. C9 once again dominated and won the second map, Haven. KRÜ has now been pushed to the Lower Bracket.

Upcoming Matches

  • Match 4 - Guild X vs. Shopify Rebellion: 16th November, 15:00 CET
  • Match 5 -Team Liquid vs. FENNEL HOTELAVA: 16th November, 18:00 CET
  • Match 6- Winner of M4 vs Winner of M5: 16th November, 21:00 CET
  • Match 7 - KRÜ Esports vs. X10 Sapphire: 17th November, 17:00 CET
  • Match 8 - Loser of M4 vs Loser of M5: 17th November, 20:00 CET
  • Match 9 - Loser of M6 vs Winner of M7: 18th November, 15:00 CET
  • Match 10 - C9 White vs Winner of M8: 18th November, 18:00 CET
  • Match 11 - G2 Gozen vs Winner of M6: 18th November, 21:00 CET
  • Match 12 - Winner of M9 vs Winner of M12: 19th November, 17:00 CET
  • Match 13 - Losers of M22 vs Winner of M12: 19th November, 20:00 CET
  • Match 14 - Winner of M11 vs Winner of M13 (Grand Final): 20th November, 17:00 CET

While watching the event live on YouTube and Twitch, you will also be earning free in-game rewards as drops that you can claim by linking your Riot Games account with the platform on which you are watching Valorant Game Changers Championship.

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Featured image via Riot Games.