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Guild Esports release Draken from Valorant roster as they reportedly line up vicious

The All-Swedish roster is releasing William "draken" Sundin and may already have his replacement ready to step in.
Guild Esports has announced that William "draken" Sundin has been dropped from their Valorant roster.

The Omen and Sova main have been part of the roster since its inception as Bonk, the team which was picked up in its entirety when Guild Esports entered the game.

As the Valorant Champions Tour has progressed, Guild Esports has established themselves as one of the top 4-5 squads in Europe, they qualified for Stage 1: Masters, where they finished in the top four. Stage 2 saw them qualify for the EMEA Playoffs but failed to make it to Reykjavík after failing to get past Oxygen Esports in a do-or-die decider match.

Draken, a former CSGO pro, was a popular player on a promising team that many feel has another level not yet unlocked, his release is somewhat of a shock but it may have been forced by circumstance with reports from Valorant insider, Arran “Halo” Spake, claiming that Guild already have Draken's replacement lined-up.

According to Halo, fellow Swede, Benjamin "vicious" Guilotte, who was widely expected to make a move to confirm a move to EXCEL may find himself joining Guild Esports instead, with his apparent availability proving too tempting an option.

Guilotte, a Viper, Sage, and Sova main, left amateur side NoPoaching last week and is considered one of the top talents in the region.

Draken says he will be taking June and July off to "reload (his) batteries" but intends to continue on in his Valorant career.