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Guild think again with Draken re-signing

Draken returns to the Valorant roster 14 days after he was originally released.
Guild think again with Draken re-signing

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as the old proverb goes, a feeling that Guild Esports can clearly get as they have announced the re-signing of William "draken" Fant Sundin to their Valorant roster just 14 days after they initially dropped him.

The announcement was made via the organisation's Twitter account, also offering up a short explanation of the about-turn.

"After evaluating all options we've decided to re-sign Draken, as we believe this gives us the best opportunity for success at this VCT," read the announcement. 

"At Guild, we're constantly evaluating and assessing our roster to ensure the team has the best chance to bring home our next trophy."

Further explanation was offered up by Guild's Director of Esports, Grant Rousseau: "Putting our review systems to the test along with reviewing the changing meta of the game, sometimes shows that the best change to make is none at all."

The move to bring back draken has been well received, the all-Swedish roster has been one of the top-performing teams in Europe, a frequent sight in the latter stages of tournaments, they narrowly missed out on the first international LAN, Masters Reykjavík, when they were knocked out of the Stage 2 Challengers Finals by Turkish side Oxygen Esports.

Rumour had it that draken was set to be replaced by fellow Swede, Benjamin "vicious" Guilotte, though that deal appears to be off at the moment.

Guild's "new" roster will be in action this week as the Stage 3 Challengers 1 qualifier kick-off later today.