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How To Play Harbor In Valorant - Tips And Tricks

Looking to get better at playing Harbor? Here are a few tips and tricks to master Valorant's agent 21.
How To Play Harbor In Valorant - Tips And Tricks

Valorant's Agent 21, Harbor, is finally here and is available in 5.08 PBE and will be available on 18th October in the global version of the game. Harbor abilities are designed to obstruct opponents' vision, slow them down, and to defend himself and his teammates from incoming bullets. 

You can unlock Harbor by playing matches after activating his contract, and once you do that, you will want to be better at playing this new agent, and since we had early access to Harbor, we have listed down some tips for you while playing with this agent.

Valorant: Harbor Tips and Tricks 

Harbor is a controller in Valorant.
Harbor is a controller in Valorant. (Picture: Riot Games)

Tips to Use Cascade Ability

Harbor's Cascade ability
Harbor's Cascade ability. (Picture: Riot Games)

You can use Cascade to create a wall to block the opponent's vision if you are getting rushed; that will slow them down a bit, and you can use other agents' abilities, like Sova's Recon Bolt, to know their positions and get some potential kills if they are in the open space. 

You can also walk along with the wall after using, for example, Pheonix's ultimate to take opponents by surprise, and even if you fail to take anyone down, the ultimate is there to save you. You can also use the wall to block more than one entry point to slow the opponents down a bit.

Tips to Use Cove Ability

Harbor's Cove ability
Harbor's Cove ability. (Picture: Riot Games)

Upon using Cove, a sphere of shielding water will spawn that will block the incoming bullets, and it can be used if you want to plant or defuse a spike. However, make sure that you still have your teammates to give you cover, as 13 Vandal or Phantom shots can destroy the sphere, and the sphere will disappear after the shield is destroyed. 

You can also use it to peak and take operator shots or to escape quickly if you find yourself in a tricky and challenging situation. 

Tips to Use High Tide Ability

Harbor's Reckoning ability.
Harbor's High Tide ability. (Picture: Riot Games)

Like Cascade, you can use High Tide to block all the entry points around you; however, the best thing about this ability is that you can give the wall the shape you want, even if it's a complete circle. Players crossing through the tide will be slowed down, and you can use that opportunity to take the opponents down. 

Tips to Use Reckoning Ability

Harbor's Reckoning ability.
Harbor's Reckoning ability. (Picture: Riot Games)

Reckoning is Harbor's ultimate and is quite helpful in retake situations, as opponents will be concussed by several geyser strikes, and your team can rush into the site to kill the opponents. 

How to Get Better with Harbor

If you want to practice playing with the new agent Harbor and be better at it, you will first need to understand his abilities. The best way to do it is by going into the Range and practicing using them. The next step you need to take is to play unranked or custom with your friends, as you will be able to experiment, and it won't affect your competitive rank. 

Once you are comfortable with Harbor and know how to use his abilities effectively, you can pick him up in the competitive mode and test yourself out.