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Valorant: What Country ISO Agent Is From?

ISO is the new Duelist introduced in Valorant in 2023, and here is what country he belongs to.
Valorant: What Country ISO Agent Is From?
Valorant ISO Country. (Picture: Riot Games)

ISO, Agent 24, is all set to make his debut in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 on October 31. He is a Duelist who is a "bulletproof assassin." Riot has revealed the agent officially, and one of the questions that is in everyone's mind is regarding his origin county. If you are also wondering about where ISO is from in Valorant, you can find the answer below.

Valorant: What is ISO's Country of Origin

Valorant Agent 24, ISO Country of Origin.
Valorant Agent 24, ISO Country of Origin. (Picture: Riot Games)

ISO is from China, as per the official details by Riot Games, in order to celebrate Valorant's launch in China this year.

Riot already hinted to us about a Chinese agent earlier, as the name of the image shared in the press release as a part of its first teaser was "duckblood," which is a popular dish in China and a traditional delicacy of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province as per Wikipedia.

ISO is "precise and Confident. He’s meant to embody that gun precision and be rewarded for it with unyielding confidence through his shield and slick gunplay," reveals Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, the Valorant Game Designer.