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Jett dash nerf is bug but won't be fixed for a while, Riot confirm

The devs confirmed that a fix likely won't happen until v3.09.
Jett dash nerf is bug but won't be fixed for a while, Riot confirm

A strange thing happened to the all-powerful Jett with the release of Valorant's v3.08 update as players discovered that not only did it take longer for the agent to equip her weapon after dashing but that strangely her Updraft had also increased in price, from 150 to 200.

Many thought that the perenially S-tier agent had finally been given a nerf that would have brought her back down to the world that all the other agents inhabit (well, except Skye) but with nothing in the patch notes it soon became clear something weird was going on.

And that weirdness has now been confirmed, as Riot Games has stated that both of these changes are indeed bugs, however, in an even weirder move, the developers have mentioned they don't plan to push out a hotfix.

Claiming that such a move would be a risk, they instead declared, through a tweet on the official Valorant account, that a possible fix likely won't happen until patch v3.09 which is due in two weeks alongside the launch of Episode 3 Act 3.

Jett bug tailwind updraft Valorant fix
Even when Jett is bugged she is still likely to be instant-locked. (Picture: Riot Games)

"Jett's weapon equip out from her dash (Tailwind) is currently longer than intended and Updraft costs more than it should," tweeted the developers. "These are bugs, but not severe enough (game-breaking/competitive integrity) to risk a Patch redeploy, so it's possible a fix won't go out until Patch 3.09."

The decision not to push out a hotfix is a step-change from what we have seen in the past with Riot and Valorant. 

In September of last year, Omen was removed after the roll-out of v1.07 and then added back with a hotfix after it emerged he could pass through the game's spawn barriers. Before that, Raze was removed after the release of v1.05 after it became apparent she could fire two of her showstoppers, instead of the usual one.

jett dash glitch
Not a good day to be a Jett main. (Picture: Riot Games)

Could it be that the Riot developers sense an opportunity to test out a nerf of Jett without having to actually do it? 

Going off the responses of the tweet, many would love that to be the case.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.