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Korean superteam Vision Strikers misses out on first Valorant LAN event

The team that amassed 104 wins without conceding defeat was eliminated in the semifinals of the Korean Challengers Finals.
Korean superteam Vision Strikers misses out on first Valorant LAN event

Valorant fans are eager for the upcoming Stage 2 Masters event, as it signifies the first proper international LAN event that will pit the best of the best from each region against one another in Iceland. 

On top of renowned North American or European, fans who followed the Korean Valorant scene were already dreaming of seeing Vision Strikers, the most dominant squad in South Korea, compete against top opposition from across the world. 

Sadly, that won't be the case after a disappointing run at the Korean Stage 2 Challenger Finals, dropping in the semifinals of the single-elimination event. 

Vision Strikers won't compete at Stage 2 Masters

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(Picture: Vision Strikers) 

Most known for their historic undefeated streak that ended with 104 wins this past April, Vision Strikers fell in a shocking result to NUTURN Gaming, in a clean 2-0 that gave them no opportunity to bounce back since, as we've said, it was a single-elimination bracket. 

The community reacted with disbelief and disappointment, as Vision Strikers competing on a bigger stage had been touted as one of the selling points of the upcoming Masters LAN tournament. 

"We've seen Vision Strikers be so dominant for so long; even if they flopped once they arrived I just wanted to see them play against the other regions. FPX and Heretics I can handle, 100T is alright, this is a tragedy," analyst Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson tweeted out.

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