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Leak reveals rainbow themed Sensation skins coming to Valorant

With the release of a new Valorant patch, more leaks are inbound, this time revealing a colourful line of skins that should be officially revealed soon.
Leak reveals rainbow themed Sensation skins coming to Valorant

As per usual, whenever a new Valorant patch rolls around, leaks come along with it thanks to dedicated dataminers eager to reveal secrets hidden within the game's files.

This time, renowned Twitter user ValorLeaks came up with the goods for those looking to get their hands on a new set of skins, potentially making players save VP to snatch a soon to be announced "Rainbow" collection of skins.


Eventually, ValorLeaks revealed that the official title for these new skins is Sensation, with Rainbow being the internal name used by the developers during their conception.

valorant sensation rainbow skins(Photo: Riot Games)

The guns that will receive skins from this collection include the Frenzy, Judge, Stinger, Vandal, and Odin.

Valorant Sensation collection release date

As of this moment, there's no official information regarding the release date of these skins. Considering a new collection is launched with every new balance patch, our suggestion is to stay tuned to any further Riot announcements regarding updates to the game itself.

Valorant Sensation collection cost

We can speculate about the price of each individual gun and the bundle as a whole based on recent collections.

The Ion set of weapons, the latest one to be released, had a cost of 1,775VP per gun, 3,550 for the melee weapon, and 7,100VP for the entire bundle.

Expect the Sensation skin line to have a similar price range.