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Valorant Ion weapon collection: All weapon skins, cost, and release date

Wield the power of the light in the fight against the darkness with this new set of amazing-looking Valorant weapon skins.
Valorant and futuristic weaponry is something we've seen consistently ever since Riot's tactical shooter released back in April with collections such as the G.U.N skin line.

Now, following a theme that sees players wielding the power of the light in the fight against the darkness, the new Ion weapon skin collection was unveiled. 

Let's take an in-depth look at what this skin line offers, including a release date and which guns will be graced with a brand-new cosmetic look.

When will the Ion skin collection be released?

ion weapon skins valorant(Photo: Riot Games)

The Ion collection's official release date is 11th November. It will replace the current Reaver weapons that are available in the store as of right now.

Guns available in this collection include the Phantom, Operator, Bucky, Sheriff, and the Melee weapon. 

Ion skin collection cost

According to the ValorLeaks Twitter account, these are the prices for individual guns and the bundle itself:

  • Ion Phantom (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Operator (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Bucky (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Sheriff (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Melee (3.550 VP) 
  • BUNDLE PRICE: 7,100VP 

All Ion weapon skins


Sheriff Valorant ion
(Photo: Riot Games) 


Valorant operator ion
(Photo: Riot Games) 


valorant ion operator
(Photo: Riot Games) 


valorant phantom ion
(Photo: Riot Games) 


melee valorant ion