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Leaked Breeze trailer gives first look at new Valorant map

The teaser which shows a coastal fort based on an idyllic ideal looks like the setting for one of the most complex maps yet.
Leaked Breeze trailer gives first look at new Valorant map

Fans of Valorant have been given an extended look at the latest -- and the game's sixth map -- Breeze, with a teaser leaking.

We only knew the map would be situated on a desert island locale, with an official teaser showing a sunbed sitting on a beach and a number of postcards appearing in the games existing maps.

The teaser reveals several areas and points to a large sprawling map. There is the beach, more modern outbuildings, and then the fort itself which looks to have a huge A site in its interior with two large pyramid-shaped objects situated in the middle, the only one seemingly revealed in the trailer.

Breeze cobblestone

Valorant Breeze pictures

Breeze cobblestone(Picture: Riot Games)

There also appears to be an underground area where Radiante is stored and perhaps the location of another bomb site. A large underground area would be a first for the game and fit in with Riot's intentions of introducing unique elements to each new map.

Breeze B site
(Picture: Riot Games)

Much of the initial reaction has compared it to CS:GO's Cobblestone with the obvious similarities being the castle/fort and long sight lines, a map dominated by AWPs and AK-47s, or in Valorant's case OPs and Vandals.

While the map has been announced as the next to be included in the game, its official release date has not been, though it is expected to be released as part of Episode 2 Act 3, scheduled for release on or around 27th April.