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When does Valorant Ep 2 Act 3 begin? Act 2 end date, leaks, more

A new act means a new Agent and battle pass - we break down all the early info we can get our hands on including its start date.
When does Valorant Ep 2 Act 3 begin? Act 2 end date, leaks, more

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 is now out, bringing with it the game's fifteen Agent, Astra, a new battle pass and tweaks to the rank queue system.

And while there will likely be more content throughout the season as soon as one Act is out thoughts tend to go on to the next one.

When does Episode 2 Act 3 start
(Picture: Riot Games)

Who will be the next Agent? Are we getting a new map? What skins are coming in the battle pass? And when does it start? These are just some of the questions that enter the mind of any Valorant player and while we can't really answer the first three, when it comes to Episode 2 Act 3 we can work out the start date pretty accurately.

When does Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 begin?

So we can work out the start date for Episode 2 Act 3 by looking at the end date of the Act 2 battle pass, which was released yesterday, and according to the in-game messaging runs for 56 days from its start date. 

Valorant 2 Act 3 start date
A screenshot of the Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 running time, taken one day after release. (Picture: Riot Games)

Now, historically when a battle pass (read: Act) ends the next one begins so that means that Episode 2 Act 2 ends on Tuesday, 27th April.

And Episode 2 Act 3 will very likely begin on that same day - Tuesday, 27th April.

This ties in with some other information we have that includes the seven weekly challenges that were leaked, with Riot giving themselves some leeway to create additional challenges etc. Like they have in previous seasons.

What is coming in Valorant Episode 2 Act 3?

Information, official or otherwise, is scarce when it comes to what we can expect in Episode 2 Act 3.

A new Agent and battle pass are a given. What shape that Agent will take is not known though. Both Initiators and Sentinels have just three Agents a piece, compared to Duelists which now number five, and Controllers with Astra being the latest, numbering four.

So could we say Initiator or Sentinels are due something new? Maybe. 

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 new map
Skye was the latest Initiator added to the game. (Picture: Riot Games)

In terms of a new map coming in Act 3 are, let's say, a definite maybe. The original plan was for one new map to be released with every Episode or what would work out at two a year. The realisation that players wanted more, and quicker, threw that off slightly with Icebox coming out in Episode 1 Act 3 rather than presumably Episode 2 Act 1.

Could we see that again? Maybe.