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Leaks suggest "Magepunk" skin collection coming to Valorant

One of Valorant’s premier dataminers has unveiled a new set of metal and magic gun skins. These could be the Magepunk weapons that were previously leaked by @ValorLeaks.
Valorant dataminer @ValorLeaks has posted another preview of upcoming Valorant gun skins. While no name was provided with the leak, these are likely the Magepunk weapons that have been previously teased by Riot Games. 

Magepunk Valorant(Picture: @ValorLeaks) 

The guns themselves are a mix of handcrafted natural elements and arcane power. Wood, copper, and blue steel give these a distinct steampunk vibe. If these really are Magepunk weapons, they’ll likely have particle effects and unique animations to show off their magic. The mysterious set includes skins for the Bucky, Marshall, Ghost, Classic, Spectre, and Melee.

Price, levels, and release date for the Magepunk skins have yet to be revealed. Depending on the level of animation, they’ll likely fall around the 6000 VP range for the whole set. This would put them in the Premium tier, but the skins are still clearly under development. The Valorant Magepunk skins could be increased to Ultra on release.