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Leaks suggest Valorant to get team deathmatch mode

Fans of the shooter have been asking for new game modes and they may not have to wait long.
Leaks suggest Valorant to get team deathmatch mode

People can't seem to get enough of Valorant, now entering its fourth week of closed beta, players have spent the past few days tearing into the newly released ranked mode.

And while the release of the mode has been welcome, after all it is a competitive shooter with aspirations to be an esport, some sections of the player base have been wanting to go another approach and have been asking for a team deathmatch mode.


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Leaks suggest a team deathmatch mode is in the works. (Picture: Riot Games)


Those players may not have to wait long, as a leak suggests that a team deathmatch mode is in the works and could be in the game soon.

The leak is courtesy of Valorant data miner @ValorantLeaked, who has trawled the game's files and discovered a line of code that reveals that the developers have made tentative steps into creating a team deathmatch mode for the game.



A mode in this vein was also confirmed by Valorant dev Salvatore "Valcano" Garozzo who confirmed on his Twitch stream.

"The team is interested in having a warm-up/deathmatch style mode for warming up, practising, getting used to gun mechanics," he said. Adding that the game mode "probably" won't be available at launch.



So a deathmatch or team deathmatch mode is definitely in the works, but players might be left waiting until after the Summer release date currently given by Riot Games for the official launch of the game.

You can't exactly blame the developers though, the game has entered in closed beta in an extremely polished state and has already had two major patches and a number of hotfixes as bugs have been discovered and ironed out. 

They may also be hard at work on an Android and iOS version for the smartphone market if @ValorantLeaked's info is correct.