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New Valorant Agent being worked on by LoL Champion Designer

Celebrated League of Legends Champion Designer, Riot August, has joined the Valorant team part-time to help create a new Agent.
It's not completely uncommon for big developers to get persons from another game's team to work on a project. Riot Games is no different, and we've got some exciting news for those who love League of Legends, and Valorant. The League of Legends Principle Champion Designer, Riot August, who has created the likes of Jinx, the Loose Cannon and many other celebrated, balanced champions, have joined the Valorant dev team part-time to work on a brand-new Valorant hero.

New Valorant Agent being designed by Riot August

Riot August is joining the Valorant dev team part-time to work on a brand-new Valorant Agent. At the time of writing, we've got no information on the upcoming Agent, just that a legendary developer is working on it.

On Twitter, Riot August announced: "Excited to say that I'll be joining the Valorant team part-time to help design a new agent! Have loved the character design in VAL and getting the opportunity to work on one myself is Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes."

new valorant agent League of Legends champion designer who is Riot August Riot Games(Picture: Riot Games)

Riot August finished off the announcement by saying: "Time to start begging my new teammates to teach me how to aim."

We are excited to see the design of the new Valorant Agent, as Riot August definitely has it in him to blow us away. 


Who is Riot August? 

If you are wondering who Riot August is, and why you should be excited for a new Valorant Agent he is helping to design, we've got a quick rundown of who he is.

First up, Riot August's real name is August Browning, and he's got a tonne of experience, joining Riot Games back in 2012. He currently holds the position of Principal Champion Designer at Riot Games.

new valorant agent League of Legends champion designer who is Riot August Riot GamesVi, the Piltover Enforcer (Picture: Riot Games)

His track record for League of Legends Champion designs is impeccable, and he also worked on the Keystone Mastery system, as well as the Nexus Blitz game mode, and even the Teamfight Tactics Set 1 Champion Spells design.

LoL Champions designed by Riot August

  • Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
  • Jinx, the Loose Cannon
  • Gnar, the Missing Link
  • Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
  • Jhin, the Virtuoso
  • Senna, the Redeemer Senna
  • Viego, the Ruined King

Further, Riot August has some LoL Champion reworks under his belt, including Rengar, Kayle, Morgana and Wukong.

Unfortunately, no information about which new Valorant Agent is being worked on by Riot August has been revealed.

It might take quite some time before we know what the Agent's name, look and skills are but League of Legends fan, especially for those Champions designed by Riot August, might already be getting excited.