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New Valorant map Breeze will make competitive debut at Masters Reykjavík

The map is slated for release early next week, on 27th April 2021, and pro players will have less than a month to prepare for it.
Riot Games has officially revealed the sixth Valorant map, and it seems that they are in a hurry to watch the pro players playing on it.

The map is called Breeze, and it is set on a tropical island located somewhere within the southern part of the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

The map looks really interesting both in terms of the aesthetics and gameplay possibilities, and we are sure that both casual and pro players will like to play on it.

Valorant Breeze competitive Masters Reykjavík
(Picture: Riot Games)

But, what pro players don't usually like is when they are forced to play new content in official matches not long after it has been added to the game.

And it seems that Riot is going in that direction with Breeze. The official Valorant Champions Tour Twitter confirmed that the map will make its debut at Masters Reykjavík.

The event will be held from 24th May to 30th May, right after MSI 2021, which will also take place in Reykjavik. This means that teams and players will have less than a month to learn the map properly and develop tactics for it.

As expected, some players aren't exactly pleased with this information, many are even saying that Riot is "forcing" the new map to the competitive pool.

Valorant Breeze competitive Masters Reykjavík
(Picture: Riot Games)

The good thing is that the event will also feature a new map veto system, alongside the new selection process which will take place before each match, but we currently don't have any details about how it will work, and we expect Riot to share more information on how will that exactly function in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, the system will be good and will allow for fun matches to watch while keeping them highly competitive.