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New Valorant update freezes PCs, Riot issues statement

The devs recommend users that have the FACEIT app installed to update to avoid any further complications.
New Valorant update freezes PCs, Riot issues statement

If you were looking to jump into a game of Valorant this 22nd March to grind your battle pass or improve your rank, chances are you couldn't log into the servers, and in some extreme cases, you saw yourself panicking over your PC freezing.

It turns out, the small update issued by Riot following the release of patch v2.05 caused major complications for users, with the developers confirming it was due to an error produced by incompatibility between Vanguard, Riot's anti-cheat mechanism, and the FACEIT app, a social hub with its own anti-cheat system.

How to fix Valorant FACEIT crash

valorant vanguar faceit crash
(Image: Riot Games)

The initial response made by Riot reassured those that have yet to download the update as the rollout has been paused. For those having troubles, "uninstalling/ reinstalling Vanguard will put you on the old patch for now."

In a quick update, Riot confirmed the compatibility issue with FACEIT, advising those that have the app the client downloaded to "please update your FACEIT app."

At this moment, Riot has yet to provide further details in case this fix doesn't solve issues for those experiencing them. We'll keep you updated as soon as they do.