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News > FPS > Valorant

New Valorant weapon skin bundles leaked

Thanks to dataminers, we get our first glimpse at new Valorant weapon skin bundles.

Since the release of Valorant, and the Ignition Battle Pass, Riot Games have slowly been filling the game with more weapon skins for players to purchase or earn via levelling up their Battle Pass. Now, thanks to dataminers, you can get your first look at new, upcoming Valorant weapon skin bundles.


New Valorant weapon skin bundles

At the time of writing, Riot Games has not revealed the release date of these new Valorant weapon skin bundles. However, dataminers have found some images in the game's files, pointing towards the release of the BlastX collection, as well as more images of the Toy/Arcade, and Drips/Asgard Valorant weapon skin sets.

The BlastX Valorant weapon skin set should make fans of Toy Story, specifically Buzz Lightyear, very happy.


new Valorant weapon skins
Buzz Lightyear's nerf gun Phantom skin is coming to Valorant (Picture: Valorant Fandom)


Only a decent image of the Phantom weapon skin has been found so far, but it looks as if we will also see a melee weapon, as well as Spectre and Frenzy Valorant weapon skins in the BlastX collection. 


new valorant weapon skins blastx
The Spectre and Frenzy weapon skins image is very low quality, unfortunately. 


If you've been following Valorant weapon skin leaks, then you have already heard about the new Toy/Arcade, and Drips/Asgard Valorant weapon skin sets.

Now, leaked images have shown higher-quality skin sets, pointing toward a release of these sets coming sooner rather than later.


leaked new valorant weapon skins
The Toy/Arcade and Drip/Asgard Valorant weapon skin sets (Picture: Riot Games)


At the time of writing, it is unknown when these new Valorant weapon skin sets will appear in the game. Riot Games has not indicated when these will release, but they sure do look fantastic.