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OG Valorant benches Kuba, brings in DPS for VCT Stage 2 qualifiers

The international roster decided to make some changes following poor results.
OG Valorant benches Kuba, brings in DPS for VCT Stage 2 qualifiers

OG has parted ways with Jakub "Kuba" Dogan, bringing in Harry "DPS" MacGill as a stand-in for Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 2 qualifiers. 

Recent changes are most likely a result of poor performances, which have been haunting OG for the past couple of weeks. The team failed to succeed in the first open qualifier to the Challengers tournament by the end of March.

What’s more, at the beginning of last month, OG managed to make it into Stage 1 Challengers 3, but their dreams of reaching the Masters event were cut short by Raise Your Edge, which beat them 2-0.

“It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was 5 years old to represent OG. Glad I can finally fulfill it” said DPS on his Twitter account shortly after the announcement.

The 23-year-old has been a Valorant player since the game’s beta days, representing organizations such as ROYALS and Rix.GG. He has never been a part of an org that big as one founded by Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, up until now.

As of now, it is unsure where Kuba will end up, as he didn’t comment on the situation. The German was standing in for Dylan "aKm" Lindström for the first Challengers qualifier. The latter decided to take a break due to personal reasons.

OG is yet another Valorant team, that has decided to make roster changes after poor performances. Just today G2 Esports announced that it’s bringing in Oscar “ozzy” Scott in place of Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunciak for the upcoming VCT Stage 2 qualifier. 

Following the latest changes, OG roster looks as follows:

  • Dragan “elllement” Milanović
  • Théo “OniBy” Tarlier
  • Kevin “TviQ” Lindström
  • Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson
  • Harry "DPS" MacGill
  • Julien Ducros - Coach

The forthcoming Valorant Challengers 2 open qualifier starts on nearest Saturday, April 10th, and will be the last chance for teams to make it into the tournament finals, and eventually Reykjavik VCT Masters, Valorant first international LAN.