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Valorant devs take Killjoy out of competitive selection after bug filled update

The FaZe Clan Invitational due to start 6th August was set to feature the new German Agent. The decision was overturned by Riot Games amid complications with the launch of Act 2.
Valorant devs take Killjoy out of competitive selection after bug filled update

The release of Act 2 in Valorant brought a lot of initial excitement with the arrival of a new Agent, Killjoy, and her insane toolkit, however, players quickly discovered several bugs within the game soon after patch 1.05 dropped.

On the day of the update, Riot found the need to disable Ascent and Raze, after game-breaking bugs were discovered, both issues have been fixed and they're back in the game  — but now it seems Killjoy is set for some time on the sideline, at least from the pro scene.

Killjoy removed from Valorant riot remove killjoy
(Picture: Riot Games)

The FaZe Clan Invitational is set to kick off this 6th August with the organisation initially stating the latest Agent would be making her competitive debut in the tournament. Sadly, this will no longer be the case per Riot's request.

"Due to the recency of Killjoy's release, there is a risk that multiple issues may negatively impact the competitive integrity of this weekend's tournament. As such, Riot Games has requested that she be disabled in official tournaments until they are confident in her stability," an official FaZe social media account tweeted out.

Valorant players have shared bugs concerning Killjoy's abilities and how they interact with maps and other Agents. Streamer Average Jones tested her Nanoswarm's on the truck in Bind, revealing they can be placed inside the vehicle.

Pro player Relyk's also posted a clip of Sova's recon dart scanning Killjoy's turret through several walls.

"Another bug we encountered in scrims today, Sova's recon dart seems to scan Killjoy's turret through walls (still scans it even through more than one). First noticed it on Haven, assuming it's not map specific."

While Riot works on hotfixes for the bugs, check out everything you need to know about the Battle Pass for Act 2.