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Players report mouse issues since Valorant v2.09 update, potential fix inside

Players have reported mouse clicks not registering as well as FPS issues and it looks like it could by an issue with Vanguard.
Players report mouse issues since Valorant v2.09 update, potential fix inside

Valorant players are reporting a number of game-breaking issues with Riot Games' tactical shooter, a day after the release of update v2.09, all the more surprising being that v2.09 was largely a bug-fixing exercise.

The issues are affecting peripherals, namely gamer's mice, with many reporting that their clicks (mainly the left mouse button) aren't registering in-game. Others have suffered the dreaded blue screen, their mouse not working at all until they take it and put it back in, and others that say their computers become unusable unless they restart their entire machine.

FPS problems have also been reported and it has a similar diagnostic profile to the issues seen when Valorant's anti-cheat Vanguard was killing the driver processes of several popular brands of CPU cooler.

Riot has yet to respond however a number of fixes have player-inspired fixes that have emerged to mixed success. 

How to fix mouse issues in Valorant v2.09

Valorant mouse not working v2.09

A suggested fix for mouse issues from u/Soupyyye:

Right-click on Valorant when on your desktop and run as administrator and if that doesn’t work do troubleshoot compatibility.

A suggested fix for mouse issues from u/BombayBikesClub and u/Krusifix:

If someone else experiences this problem, exit Valorant thru task manager (use your keyboard to navigate) then when you boot the next time, keep moving your mouse around/click a bunch while Valorant is booting up.